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Habitat president part of local and national initiatives for change

Ryan Morgan, News Editor-

Q&A with Erin Dyer, President Habitat for Humanity

Q: Why did you join Habitat for Humanity?

E.D.: The main reason I joined was to help people and go on the builds and change lives.

Q: What initiatives are you currently working on?

E.D.: We’re working on our ask, speak and build week, which is when we spread awareness for builds as well as for Habitat.

Q: What is ask, speak, build week?

E.D.: It’s the week of April 11 and we’re doing a lot of things to spread awareness. We will be putting out the stuffed dummies again this year around campus and holding informationals as well. We’re hoping to do a fundraiser at Five Guys as well and donate some of the proceeds to Habitat.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

E.D.: We’re doing builds in the Hamden and New Haven area as well as getting ready to go to West Palm Beach Florida for spring break.

Q: Do you know what the club will be doing in Florida specifically?

E.D.: They gave us a brief description. We’ll be working a brief store for Habitat as well as renovating and building houses.

Q: What types of projects have you found members to be most excited for?

E.D.: It is definitely easier for members to come out on Saturdays. We get a lot done. Recently three of us built an entire deck in one day.

Q: As president, what is your goal for this semester?

E.D.: I want to promote Habitat and get more active members. People who are interested can come to our meetings every other Monday at 1:10 in room 229 of the Student Center. I also want more people to get on our e-mail list so they know what is going on.

Q: What do members have to do in order to go on the spring break trip?

E.D.: Members have to sign up, be an active member, and go through an application process to be eligible. The hardest part of the process is deciding who can go because Southern can only pay for so many people. We are a really close group so that is the most stressful part.

Q: What is your favorite memory with Habitat for Humanity?

E.D.: Last spring break we went to Harrisburg, PA and it was so rewarding. We made a lot of great memories and a lot of good friends.

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