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Greek life starts the rush


Kaitlin Bradshaw

Special to the Southern News

Back to school means one thing for the fraternities and sororities on campus; rush. Sue Zarnowski, vice president of Kappa Delta Xi, said the interest in Greek life is increasing.

“It’s a five week process of formal rushing and attending social events for students to get to know the organization,” she said.

For the sisters of Kappa they’ve changed up their marketing technique by participating in the Greek showcase this year and tabling outside of Connecticut Hall and the club fair.

“There’s been a huge increase,” said Zarnowski. “There’s been 35 to 40 girls at each rush event this year compared to last year with 20 to 30.”

Delta Phi Epsilon has also experienced an increase of interest with the number of girls attending rush events. Jayme Rudewicz, a junior and the coordinator of recruitment said 20 to 30 girls have been attending each rush event.

“We had a question and answer night which was mainly informational. We had arts and crafts night; we tie-dyed socks and donated them to the children’s hospital. We had a healthy spa night, a field night filled with outdoor activities and then we are having a pasta dinner,” said Rudewicz.

Marylou Cirivello, a senior and president of Delta Phi Epsilon said each organization plans their own events to fit their needs.

“We plan events that get our information out there to the students so they can learn about our organization as we learn about them,” said Cirivello.

The rush process is similar for the fraternities. Cody Marino, a junior and Beta Mu Sigma rush master said it’s a no commitment period.

“Student’s can check out any event they can make it to. It’s an informational period of time,” said Marino. “Some students really have no idea what Greek life is about; it’s nice when they come in and are interested.”

Anyone is eligible to rush, however there is a 2.25 GPA requirement and if someone made it to the new member period of one fraternity they can’t try and rush another one if they don’t get into their original choice said Marino.

“It’s a mutual want when someone makes it to new member period but if someone doesn’t make it to new member period there are never any hard feelings,” said Marino.

Tau Kappa Epsilon prides itself on being an international fraternity. Pat Hunt, a senior and president of TKE said they try to incorporate their history at the rush events.

“They’re joining something greater than themselves,” said Hunt.

TKE requires a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and someone with dedication and leadership like qualities.

“We don’t look for numbers, we look for quality. People who hold academics in high regard; leaders on campus,” said Rick DeMatties a junior and rush coordinator for TKE.

After the five week rush period for all the organizations the groups decide who fits best in their organization and who will benefit from being a member. If a rushee gets a bid to be part of the new member process that’s when they learn about the specific organization. Zarnowski said it’s almost like a job interview.

“There’s an interview process and then they are extended a bid. Five to 20 girls can be part of the new member process depending on the group,” said Zarnowski. “They learn the secrecy and tradition of the organization; they are educated on Greek life and learn the history.”

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