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Disturbance causes scene in Student Center


Stephanie Paulino

News Writer

Southern police responded to an incident Wednesday afternoon about a disturbance at Hamden Federal Credit Union on the street level of the Student Center, said Police Chief Joseph Dooley.

“It attracted a crowd, while we were trying to sort out what had occurred inside the credit union,” said Dooley, adding that no arrest was made.

According to Dooley, police were called to the bank on the street level of the student center at about 3:15 p.m. to resolve a banking dispute involving Alicia Gibson, a bank customer.

When two officers and a supervisor spoke with Gibson about the banking issue, she was loud, said Dooley.

Stephanie Cosaro, a senior social work major, said she was shopping at the poster sale Wednesday afternoon when she saw Gibson arguing with someone else.

“She was extremely angry,” said Cosaro.

According to Cosaro, the officers brought the woman into a side room to speak with her. When the woman tried to leave the room, officers tried to pull her back in.

Cosaro said at that point, the woman became more upset.

“At one point she tried to leave the room and they all grabbed her to tell her to stay,” said Cosaro. “She
flipped out.”

Dooley said after several attempts from the officers to request her information, Gibson appeared to be leaving and ignoring the request.

“An officer did grab her arm to speak with her and continue his investigation,” said Dooley. “She ultimately complied and provided the necessary information.”

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