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Battle fires Rock


Makayla Silva

Managing Editor

Without being given any reason, Megan Rock said she was fired by Dr. Stanley Battle from her position as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement just before the fall semester began.

“I was given notice that my employment at Southern would be terminated effective Sept. 6,” Rock said. “I was given a twelve-month-notice of termination and I have been reassigned to Central, to their development office.”

Raising $1.84 million in the 2008-2009 fiscal year, according to the 2009 Charitable Giving Report, and close to $2.8 million as of June 30th, Rock said she was very surprised with Battle’s decision.

“He assured me that it was not-for-cause,” she said. “This is what the man has chosen to do, and chose to do that after working with me for only three months.”

Rock said because she was considered an at-will employee, she could be terminated with twelve-months-notice, but she said she wishes someone could answer why she was fired.

“I am at a loss, I really much enjoyed Southern. I very much enjoyed working with the faculty and the staff and the donors,” she said. “We had the best fundraising that we have ever had this year.”

Working at Southern for five years in the Institutional Advancement office, Rock said she has built a good rapport with Southern’s donor-base.

“You would think that an interim president would want the donors to have consistency with who they’re dealing with,” she said.

Prior to her non-continuation, Rock said Battle removed half of her portfolio.

“The public affairs department used to report to me, but as of Aug. 1st, they began reporting directly to him,”
she said.

In addition to the termination of her role as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Rock has been removed as the Executive Director of the Southern Connecticut State University Foundation Inc.

The foundation is made up of 40 volunteers committed to administering resources from private sources for programming at Southern.

Robin Sauerteig, chair of the Board of Foundations, while not willing to comment on Rock’s termination, said Battle has not contacted the board personally to let them know she will know longer serve as their
executive director.

“Not before and not after,” Sauerteig said.

With increased programming and donor-supported-funding, Rock said she knows the firing was not related to her performance.

“I can’t speak for why Dr. Battle made the decision. It is not a secret that I was hired by President Norton and that I worked closely with her during my tenure and I had built a great relationship with her,” she said.

Rock said she will miss the Southern community immensely.

“I wish only the best for the institution and its students. It is a fantastic university to work for,” she said.

Heather Rowe, Foundation Business Manager, was not able to comment on Rock’s firing and said to
contact Public Affairs.

Betsy Beacom, Assistant Director of Public Affairs, said the office of Public Affairs will not comment on personnel matters.

Despite repeated attempts, Jaye Bailey, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Relations, did not return any phone calls for comment.

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