Residents miss their pets: Puppy Bowl Photos & Review

Sarah Shelton Photo Editor

While many students watched the Super Bowl, some tuned into Puppy Bowl XIX.  

Some residents, like me, have dogs at home that we miss, so this was a cute nice event to watch while I did homework.  

Every dog that played or was showcased are adoptable rescue puppies  

As the show announced, the Puppy Bowl is the “loudest call of action to adopt, not shop” 

There were many different dogs who took turns playing for either Team Fluff or Team Ruff. 

The way it worked was they had to bring the toy to the end zone for a touchdown. It was adorable to watch because they just let them play rather than have people standing there bribing them or trying to get them to go to the end.  

The dogs would pick up the toys and either run, drop them or even steal them from each other. They even came up with funny storylines when they barked at each other such as Phoenix is “venting her frustration” out on the other dog, even though she was just clearly playing.  

I especially loved it because they did not force the dogs to play. I never fully understood what the Puppy Bowl was, but I did not expect it to be as entertaining as it was.  

The game ended 87-83 to Team Fluff. 

The puppy jokes, the narration and watching puppies playing together brought a smile to my face after a long difficult week.  

All photos taken on an iPhone from a laptop screen. 

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