Block Party brings students to basement

Sarah SheltonPhoto Editor

Wilkinson and Chase halls held a “Light the Night Block Party” Monday night for a chance to win prizes. 

The event was originally supposed to be in the Residence Life Quad, but due to the rain, it was moved to Wilkinson, also known as Wilk, hall’s basement. 

Outside of Wilk was a small popcorn table for students to grab a bag before heading in. Then, in the lobby was a raffle table for every student entering to put a ticket in the bowl. These prizes included gift cards and speakers. 

After the sign-in raffle table, students headed to Wilk’s basement to loud music, food, balloons and games. 

There were a few performances, Pool, Foosball and different chicken wing options for students to enjoy while waiting for raffle winners to be announced. 

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