Men’s soccer caps off season with win

Jackson Volenec — Reporter

The men’s soccer team was able to cap off their season with a victory, beating Le Monye College 4-3 and finishing their season with a record of 5-7-4.

“A lot of emotions went into this game. We just wanted to come out here and give it our all,” said goalkeeper Ian Shannon, a senior. “By that result, it worked out our way.”

During the first half of the game, both teams battled back and forth. With help from their strong offense, the Owls gained the lead only eight minutes into the game, with a goal from forward Francisco Roldan Martin, a junior, assisted by midfielder Ignasi Perez Cererols, also a junior.

Around the midway point of the first half, Le Moyne responded with rapid offense, scoring two goals in three minutes of each other. Motivated by the scoring burst the in the first half, the Dolphins seemed to rally together, controlling the ball significantly more than before, they took the lead.

However, that momentum was shut down at the end of the first half, with another goal coming from Southern’s midfielder Tomas Terrugi, a freshman, in the final three minutes of half.

Southern then scored another goal just nine minutes later thanks to midfielder Blaisa Haba, a senior, who gave the Owls a comfortable 4-2 lead. The Owls kept a two-goal lead for the majority of the second half until Le Moyne scored another goal, closing the gap to just one.

Southern solidified their victory by tightening their defense, protecting their box and refusing to let the Dolphins catch up, resulting in a 4-3 victory for the Owls — their fifth and final win of the season.

Haba said the fact that the team would not be playing in the post-season allowed the team to enjoy the moment rather than be super competitive.

“I felt good. We already knew that we didn’t make the playoffs,” said Haba, “so we had to just come out here and have fun, play for the crowd, and the seniors.”

Although the team had won the individual match, they were still not satisfied with the fact that they did not make the playoffs. The coach and team members said they were going to try their hardest to make improvements off this season and place higher in the future.

“I think everyone is a little disappointed with our performance, in all honesty,” said head coach Tom Lang. “We have been a little inconsistent at times, and that put us in a position where we couldn’t make the playoffs even if we did win today.”

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