NOTEtorious features talent

Sofia Rositani Reporter

NOTEorious is an acapella group that performs on and off campus, and carols during the holiday season at different resident halls.

NOTEorious also is usually asked to sing the national anthem at certain sporting events, including homecoming. This is the fourth year that NOTEorious has been a club on campus, and the first year without the creators of it.

NOTEorious hosted Komfy Karaoke on Oct. 29. The event was for those who wanted to relax and sing some karaoke with others.

“This has in the past has been awareness like ‘hey we are a club, come to our group sing with us’ and that we have auditions again in the spring so we get to see people who are interested in music and people who show up to our events
that are our friends,” said Hannah Dustin, president of the club. “We open it up to karaoke in the beginning. There’s food and we are just all relaxing, and as an intermission sort of like break from karaoke our group we do a three song set and then we open it up yo everyone else to do karaoke.”

NOTEorious performed the “Friends” theme song in a minor key, the White Winter Hymnal arrangement by Pentatonix and Straightjacket by Quinn XCII during the intermission.

“I love it. I have made really good friends in this group, I am really enjoying it we recently went to an invitational to Sony New Pultz in New York and
that was our first event together,” said pre-nursing major Lilly Macfadyen. “It was a really great bonding experience”

Elementary education major, Davis Lee, a sophomore, said he would definitely come to the event again next year because he loves to do karaoke in his free time.

“I was just in the moment lost in the music everyone just disappeared, and after I felt great,” he said.

Songs that were sang by different individuals ranged from a multitude of genres, including country, pop, alternative and punk rock. Some of these songs were “Tequila” by Dan and Shay, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, and “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer.

“This is a really talented group of people,” Macfayden said, “and this event is a really fun way to get out there and show off your talent.”

Photo credit: Sofia Rositani 

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