Looking back: Fall of 2007

The ballroom breaks a sweat

The Adanti Student Center’s walls in the ballroom were “sweating” due to humidity. According to Brad Crerar, director of the Student Center, there was a problem with the design of the building. “The problem is there is too much humidity in the outside air and there is no dehumidifying systems, thus causing the walls and doors to literally sweat,” he said. As a result, the ballroom could not be used to its 900 person capacity.


• Changes were made for the incoming freshmen with the introduction of the Freshman Year Experience Program. This new program introduced 31 sections of FYE that required first-year students to take two or three classes with the same people.

• Construction on Hilton C. Buley Library was delayed due to mechanical problems. The renovation was set to be completed by May 2007, however, it was six months behind schedule due to heating, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical work, and elevators not being completed.


• Southern police planned to buy tasers, according to Chief Joseph Dooley. “We hope to implement them as part of our equipment that we consider less than lethal,” he said. The decision came after a University of Florida student was tased at a political rally.

• The Connecticut Supreme Court on tour came to Southern. The audience heard the civil case of Sally A. Allen vs. Jessica Cox and the criminal case of Larry Davis vs. The State of Connecticut.


• A new dean of Health and Human service was appointed, Gregory J. Paveza. He said he believed with some long term facility upgrades, the school has a bright future ahead. He said he also hoped to create a Bachelor of Science program in health sciences.

• A new clicker controlled device was introduced to Southern’s classrooms to help professors teach their classes. The clicker worked off radio frequencies and worked with PowerPoint.


• A $455 granite table was dropped and broken during an unofficial photoshoot on the third floor of the student center. It was alleged that it ended in a racial altercation between university staff members and branch-off group of the Black Student Union, F.A.C.E Models.

Compiled from the Southern News archives by Jessica Guerrucci, Managing Editor

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