Best Buddies Fashion Show for everyone

Ellie Sherry — Reporter

Dancing, snacks and a costume fashion show. This is what the Best Buddies Club had in store for their first Halloween Fashion Show.

The Best Buddies Club is an international organization made for people who want to make friends within the community. It is partnered with a local residential program for adults with cognitive disabilities who become buddies with Southern students.

“So, we split into groups of two and we meet every week,” said nursing major
Emily Borysewicz, a junior. “We have different events and activities that we do. It’s basically just to get the buddies out of their normal classes and interacting with students from Southern, and that’s pretty much it. We just want for them to get to be social and having a good time.”

The club goes to Chapel Haven to see their buddies each week. They do different activities, talk with and build friendships there. The club also holds events throughout the year such as bowling, paint nights and game nights. However, for Halloween, the club decided to hold their first Halloween Fashion Show.

Unlike most of the meetings for Best Buddies, this event was held at Southern in one of the lecture halls in Engleman. The event was for both the members
of the Chapel Haven community and Southern students to come dressed in costume, sing and show off their outfits.

“Everybody – Chapel Haven or Southern is dressed in costumes, so its whoever really wants to come up and do a little spin or a little twirl to show off their costumes or creativity can. So that’s really how it’s going to work,” said special education major Hailey Shambra, a senior.

The night was centered around empowerment and making people feel like they are a part of a group and forming friendships, according to President of Best Buddies Anna Cullen.

“Our mission at Best Buddies is to build one-on-one friendships and ways to fuel those relationships. Wewill be doing some Halloween karaoke, and we will be having a fashion show, and we will be handing out prizes as well,” said Cullen.

At the beginning of the event, the members of Best Buddies who go to Southern set up a snack table for everyone to enjoy and played Halloween themed music. Shortly after, they invited everyone sitting in the crowd to come onto the stage and dance.

After the snacks were eaten, a dance party with karaoke was held, and members of both Southern and Chapel Haven communities got the opportunity to show off their costumes. Everyone was invited to strut their stuff down the runway, and those who did not participate watched and clapped for the show.

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