Field hockey gets shut out on Senior Day

Sofia Rositani — Reporter

Despite being shut out 5-0 against top three NE10 ranked Saint Anselm Hawks on Saturday, Southern’s field hockey team was still able to celebrate through Senior Day, honoring two players who have played their final home game.

Coming into this game, the Owls faced off against the Hawks, who held a record of 10-1 — an exact flip of Southern’s record. Saint Anselm controlled the ball from the start, scoring less than six minutes into the game with a shot that came off a rebound. Saint Anselm found the back of the net once again in the first with less than a minute left.

The Hawks continued to push their offense, forcing their way to the goal with fire power and scoring three more times throughout the contest — once late in the third, and twice in the fourth and final quarter.

Even though they were faced with a large deficit, the Owls’ interior defense fought diligently up until the last second of the game, ending with 13 saves.

“We pushed up the field a lot, and we got through them,” said Craft. “We didn’t let them dominate us just in our 25. We definitely pushed up, and we gave them some hard shots in the circle. Where we lacked today was definitely re-defending and getting back in and being on our women in the circle.”

Migliaro said that the the Hawks were much faster than the Owls, and it was hard for the team to re-defend and get back into the circle.

“I think it’s just our execution on our passing, and I think some of those passes that we needed to have a better timing with, that wasn’t there. Better placement and better speed: that that wasn’t really there for us.” said head coach Kelly Frassinelli. “I think that was one of the big pieces of it.”

Compared to Saint Anselm, Southern was very small in numbers, and Migliaro said, since the team has a particularly small roster and find themselves out-numbered on many occasions, it does not change her mindset.

“Honestly, in my mind, I don’t think it doesn’t really affects us anymore. I would rather go to battle with whoever,” Migliaro said. “We have the people on the sideline, the people who are playing. It doesn’t matter; it’s all we need.”

It was not just a normal field hockey game at Jess Dow Field, but one that recognized the team’s two last-year players who were honored for senior day. The two soon-to-be graduates are goalkeeper Brianna Craft, a fouryear senior, and forward Jana Migliaro, a graduate student.

During Craft’s years as goalkeeper, she claimed high honors and accolades. She not only holds Southern’s record for career saves, but the NE10 and the NCAA
Division II record as well. Craft also broke the record for saves in one game and in a single season for Southern.

Migliaro started playing field hockey for Southern during her sophomore year and has played 59 games with the Owls since. This season, Migliaro was chosen to start every game and has scored three goals throughout 15 games.

While the bitter taste of the loss may be with the team now, Frassinelli said the team must simply reload for the next game.

“It’s going to be another different game, completely different team,” said Frassinelli, “so it’s kind of just reviewing everything we can do and then adding onto those little pieces.” Field

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