Field hockey snubbed by Franklin Pierce

Hunter O. LyleSports Editor

Facing off against NE10 opponent Franklin Pierce University, the field hockey team was unable to break through the Ravens’ ironclad defense or match their offensive fire power, losing the contest 1-0.

To kick off the official start of Southern’s homecoming weekend, the Owls looked to steal a second win this year after dropping a closely fought game against Pace University 2-1 on Oct. 15. The Ravens, on the other hand, who came into this late season game 6-7 overall and currently sit at sixth in the NE10 standings, needed a win to help secure the idea of a post-season push.

Head coach Kelley Frassinelli said she wanted her team to focus on defense and discipline against the Ravens.

“[Our game plan] was more patience. I think, with this team, we needed
to be able to drop in and hold a better press so that we are not used to chasing balls,” said Frassinelli. “I think, to some extent, we lost that focus.”

While the Owls wanted to focus on their own defense, they spent the entire first half trying to comprehend and adjust to the Ravens’ defensive squad, who consistently snubbed drives, stripped passes and clogged the lanes throughout the first half.

In the first quarter of the game, Franklin Pierce shot the ball six times while suppressing any and all shot attempts by Southern. The first and only goal of the game came from a Franklin Pierce rebound and quick shot with 2:36 left in the first quarter.

Forward Jana Migliaro, a graduate student, said, in order to adjust to Franklin Pierce’s tough defense, the team tried to switch up their offensive strategy.

“We were trying to look to break up more towards the sidelines and then into the middle,” said Migliaro. “In the first half, we were going middle, middle, middle, and we realized that [Franklin Pierce] was all crowded around us, so it was hard; we can’t go through people.”

In the second half, the Ravens continued to protect their goal, stopping drives well before the Owls could get any serious scoring opportunities, while also forcing their offense up the field with long passes.

With time running out in the fourth, the Owls seemed helpless, unable to clear the ball successfully or stop the Ravens from penetrating their defense, and eventually lost 1-0. With only five games left in the regular season, Frassinelli said the team is focusing on finishing strong and earning another victory.

“Right now, their goal is to keep plugging away and work for one,” said Frassinelli. “Work for one game that they can come out on the winning side of it, and I guess that’s the kind of work that has to be done, that we’ve put together throughout this whole season.”

For two of the Owls, goalkeeper Brianna Craft, a four-year senior, and Migliaro, who has played this year due to an extra year of eligibility, their final season is wrapping up.

Migliaro said, while the team may not be as successful as they would have liked, she is still more than honored to be a part of it.

“Honestly, out of my four years here, I think this is the best team I’ve been on,” said Migliaro. “Forget about our record, it’s just awesome to come to practice and to games with a team like this.”

Photo credit: Will Aliou

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