Yale IT talks to students about job opportunities

Jackson LaMarReporter

Representatives, some of which Southern alumni, came from the Yale Information Technology department to talk about job opportunities they are currently are offering.

Azm Hussein graduated from Southern last year and returned with Yale IT to try and help tech savvy students get a job at Yale University, his current place of work. Hussein was a part of the class of 2019.

Michael Dunlap, manager of the Lynix engineering team He graduated in the class of 1997. Dunlap said this visit to SCSU is part of a talent growing program that the department has.

“To attract people out of college, to teach them the ropes, to teach them the business and to grow them as talented individuals could be quite valuable,” said Dunlap.

In the lower atrium of the science building, Dunlap and his colleagues held a presentation on what Yale has to offer and three specific jobs they are looking to fill. Yale is offering the following jobs: information security analyst, IT business analyst, and systems administration.

“From a required standpoint,” Dunlap said, “that is all we are are looking for, a four year degree in a related field.”

However, Dunlap said there was a woman in the department who has an English degree, so this iswiggle room in the requirements if the candidate seems like a right fit.

According to an employment report issued by Yale in 2018, the tech. department as a whole employed the second most employees that year, trailing only to consulting the department. Yale IT came to Southern during Tea Time, ut’s an event hosted by the computer science club and its adviser, Winnie Yu.

“On a monthly basis we like to host Tea Time,” Yu said. “It’s kind of an informal way for folks to connect.” Tea Time features guest speakers, career forums and
career fairs. Yu said she is proud of this event.

“I think this is very important,” said Yu. “This could be something very motivating and inspiring, and it gives students something to strive for.”

Yu said that she feels lucky to have Yale come in to talk to students because of the reputation they have.

“They are our leading higher educational institutions,” Yu said. “It’s not just state, not just nation, but international.”

This event could lead to jobs for students because Yale has been doing this already, and Hussein was hired to work on a major project.

“It’s called ‘the next generation networks projects’,” Hussein said. “It consists of a lot of tiny components that will take roughly five years to complete.”

One of Hussein’s end goals, he said, is to improve the overall network infrastructure, which will allow students, professors and researchers to have a stronger Internet connection when they are doing work online.


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