‘Mayans M.C.’ brings suspense

Review by Sofia Rositani — Reporter

The revival of the discussion about Mayans M.C. is not about an archaeological discovery in Central America, but a spinoff series of a motorcycle club called “Sons of Anarchy” on FX.

The series is on its second season and has received amazing reviews by those who watched the original show. The most recent episode is titled ‘Muluc’ which has multiple meanings but the important one for this episode is ‘Offering.’

This action-packed episode was loaded with shocking events and for those who have watched “Sons of Anarchy” in the past, sadness and fan service.

This week on Mayans, Marcus Alvarez, played by Emilio Rivera, a fan favorite from ‘Sons Of Anarchy,’ was kidnapped by who we later find out are mercenaries who work for Potter, played by Ray McKinnon, an FBI agent who is trying to catch the Mayans and Galindo Cartel, a notorious drug cartel based in Mexico.

This show is known for scenes that may be disturbing to some, so it was not a surprise when the episode featured scenes of the mercenaries torturing Alvarez. Even though Alvarez was severely tortured by the mercenaries hired by Potter, he still does not answer the questions regarding to the Motorcycle Club, or the Galindo cartel asked and instead continues to endure the pain.

Eventually, Alvarez succumbs to the pain, and gives phone numbers to the mercenaries, who then text the Mayans and Miguel Galindo, played by Danny Pino, hidden messages in Spanish. The Mayans and Galindo eventually tracked the number, which causes a massive rescue mission for the Mayans, the Galindo Cartel and Happy, played by David Labrava, a “Sons of Anarchy” member, who proved himself to the members of the motorcycle club to become a full-fledged member.

After they ambushed the mercenaries, Alvarez, weak and in pain, killed the head mercenary in front of his men out of revenge. The scene then cut to Potter, who found out that all of the mercenaries he hired are dead, and that his mission has failed.

Though Potter seems very calm in the moment he instead starts doing more research on Felipe Reyes, played by Edward James Olmos, the father of Angel played by Clayton Cardenas, and EZ who are in the Motorcycle Club. This episode left me shocked. As an avid watcher, the season did start out a little boring, but it has escalated into a very action packed season.

This episode had me on the edge of my seat with the way they had Alvarez on the edge of death, because Kurt Sutter, the writer of “Mayans” and “Sons Of Anarchy,” is not afraid to kill off all the characters people have come to love.

Though the characters are meant to be perceived in a bad light, some viewers cannot help but feel sympathy for them, and ultimately feel upset when they do die. Compared to the last episode this one was much better. This is the day in the life of a Motorcycle Club and a Drug Cartel.

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