Looking back: Fall of 2002

Faculty function addresses campus issues

A faculty function was hosted to address problems on campus. Concerns ranged from the outsourcing of IT services to the difficulty in dialing up to the college network off campus, amnesty for parking tickets, and students who have not paid university bills. Michael Adanti listened to faculty concerns and attempted to address them. He mentioned, however, that in a declining economy state universities feel the effects. He said there is a lot of discontent on campus, but the meeting ended on a positive note. “We have a great university,” said Adanti “and we are working to make it an even better university.”


• A new smoking policy on campus banned cigarettes campus residence halls and entryways. Instead, there would be specified areas in which people could smoke. Kyle Tobin, a sophomore, said it will create a healthier environment.


• A shortage of parking spaces led to 492 parking tickets given out within the first month of the semester according to Southern’s Police Chief John Prokop. The biggest issue was with Lot 9, in which where cars were found parked on the grass or the curb.


• Students debated over religious symbols in Buley Library. The stained glass windows show images resembling Jesus, and, for some, they saw it as a shrine to Christanity. Ethan Voltolini said “singling out certain religions seems unfair.” On the other hand some students saw, the stained glass simply as art.


• Construction for a new dorm was proposed to help ease overcrowding. Two possible locations included the Neff Hall field or Lot 6. Mark Cenviva, director of housing said all six residence halls and one residence complex were overpopulated. Construction was projected to be finished by Fall 2004.


• Budget cuts caused layoff fears, which President Michael Adanti said “[were] going to happen.” This occurred as a result of Connecticut Gov. John Rowland saying 3,000 state emergency layoffs would be necessary to close the $2 billion state budget deficit.

Compiled from the Southern News archives by Jessica Guerrucci, Managing Editor

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