Vision boards focus on perspective

Jessica GuerrucciManaging Editor

Wrestling, a football player with a rose, family —these were just a few of the images Jeremy De Valle glued onto his vision board.

“I’m a very visual person,” said De Valle, a member of the Organization of Latin American Students, “so I’m looking for a lot of pictures that describe me and goals I have for the future. Hopefully, in the near future than later down the line, if that makes sense.”

Vision Boards with OLAS was held on Tuesday, Oct. 1 to help students create a vision for what they want and who they want to be in life, as well as interact with the members of the club.

Da’Nasiah Blackwell, secretary for OLAS, said she came up with the event because she thought it would be good for members to get together and create goals for themselves and for the school year.

As students get further into the school year, Blackwell said it was a good time to hold the event because it is the time when school starts to pick up the pace and get more hectic which can be stressful for students.

“School can get overwhelming,” said Blackwell, “so people start to think ‘oh my god why am I doing this?’ and ‘why am I here?’ So it just really keeps that into perspective.”

The vision boards were created by cutting images out from magazines and collaging them onto a piece of paper. For De Valle, he said his focus was on education, family, wrestling, which he coaches, and romance, which he showed through
his images.

“I picked that one out in particular, a football player holding a rose, it stuck out to me because that’s an athlete with a rose, signifying romance,” said De Valle.

Though he had never made a vision board before, De Valle said he found it to be therapeutic and a fun experience to have with his fellow OLAS members while getting to know them better.

“Whenever we get together it’s a good time,” said De Valle. “We always get to laugh, you also get to learn a lot about other members that you probably might have not known before.”

When Chelsey Cerrato, president of OLAS was looking through magazines to find images for her vision board, she said she was looking empowerment and success. One of the images glued to her board said
“my battle.”

“I feel like whether I put it as ‘battle’ or ‘my battle,’ I feel like I’ve gone through a lot in life, so that definitely describes who I am and what I’ve overcome,” said Cerrato.

While some vision boards contained mostly images, Carlos Lopez, who handles public relations for OLAS, filled his with words and quotes. He said he sees them little reminders to himself. The phrases read “don’t settle for half,” “success always hits hard” and “feed your wild side.”

“Since I’m a first generation college student, like ‘success hits hard,’” said Lopez. “Even though there might be some tough times throughout college, I always have to remind myself and remember that in order to be successful you’re going to have to go through ups and downs in order to get to where you want to be.”

Photo credit: Jessica Guerrucci

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