Looking back: Fall of 2000

Conn Hall finally passes inspection

Health concerns surrounding Connecticut Hall were finally resolved in December, after a student concern was raised at Food Committee meetings. Originally Conn. Hall failed its health inspection scoring a 64, with an 80 being a passing score. Violations included a bottle of Drano left next to a bread rack, the salad bar being temperature not cold enough, and food was improperly covered coming off the line. After corrections were made, Conn. Hall received a passing score of 94. Food manager Ted Young, said “This is very serious, and we’re taking it very seriously.”


• Hoot Loot cards made their debut and replaced the old university identification cards. Carol Wallace, director of Administrative Support said,“The new card adds value for the students.”

• The women’s soccer team remained undefeated after beating Pace University 4-0. It gave them their eighth straight win. Two of the goals were scored in the last minute of play to give Southern the win.


• Concern was raised amongst students as the West Nile Virus began affecting several towns and families all over Connecticut. Though birds are the prime host of the virus, Karin Guariglia said, “People should take precautions and be aware.”


• Common and routine usage of racial slurs continued to be heard around campus, specifically the N-word, raised concern amongst students. Sandra C. Holley, dean of Graduate Studies said the word is degrading, “I don’t use the n-word and it’s not in my vocabulary,” she said.

• Conn. Hall health issues were discussed after dining food services provided by Sodexho Marriot failed two subsequent health inspections. Andrea Vassallo, a member of Environmental Futurists said , “The reason why I don’t live on campus anymore is primarily because of the food served in this building.”


• Southern’s athletes said they felt restricted by gym limitations because they were not permitted to work out or use equipment without a trainer or coach supervising them. Soccer player, Shannon Sharack, said, “If you want to be a good athlete, you should be able to workout whenever you want.”

Compiled from the Southern News archives by Jessica Guerrucci, Managing Editor


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