Students reveal their summer plans

Jessica GuerrucciReporter

Whether it is a trip to the beach, spending the entire day sleeping in bed or working all week, students are finding ways to fill their summer days, exciting or not.

While some think of summer as a time to relax, psychology major Caitlyn Coster, a junior said she likes to keep busy. Coster said most of her summer will be spent working fulltime at People’s United Bank in Bridgeport.

“I definitely enjoy working. I enjoy the money, working in kind of nice environment like People’s is—I’m excited about that,” said Coster. “I wish I had more time though. Maybe just another day off a week, so I could spend more time with my friends and my boyfriend.”

While most days will be spent at work, Coster said she is taking time off at the end of June to take a trip to Maine with her parents, her boyfriend and dog.

“I’ve never been to Maine,’ said Coster. “I love the cold weather, I love the kind of, just, environment that it has in ge,neral, so that should be really exciting.”

Communication major Brianna Boteler, a senior said her summer plans include spending time with her family in Myrtle Beach. She said she has gone almost every summer for the past seven years.

“We stay in the same timeshare every time, and we spend most of our time on the beach. It’s our favorite place to go to,” said Boteler. “We also go to Barefoot Landing, Murrells Inlet, and we go to this really good buffet with a lot of seafood.”

Some students have bigger summer plans, including exercise science major Bernard Brantley, a senior, who said that after he graduates, he plans on touring the world.

“My first stop is the Virgin Islands,” said Brantley. “My second stop, after the tour of the islands, I plan on going to New Orleans. So far, those are my two stops.”

Brantley said he would like to go to Jamaica and Cancun, but he is most excited to go to New Orleans.

“I want to go to Mardi Gras, and my favorite team is the New Orleans Saints. I just want to go there and eat some good food,” said Brantley.

After working non-stop for five years, Brantley said he wants this summer to be stress-free, while he is not traveling, he is going to take the time to party and hang out with friends.

Nursing major Ariana Oeung, a Sophomore said she is trying to plan a trip to the Dominican Republic with her friends after she was unable to go during spring break. She said if the trip does not happen, she will be working so she can save money for future vacations.

“If I don’t go, I just plan on working because I’m trying to get this money up, but I just got a new job so I’m excited for that: Chili’s waitress, so that’s something new for me,” said Oeung.

While Oeung said she would be mad if she could not go to the Dominican Republic and must work all summer, she said she still wants to make the best of the time by going on smaller trips.

“I want to be spontaneous, like I want to go places,” said Oeung. “So, whether that’s New Jersey or drive down to Florida, I just want to go somewhere. That’s really the plan.”

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