Greek Life hosts lip sync battle to find Greek Week champion

Jessica GuerrucciReporter

As a part of the week-long competition between the fraternities and sororities on campus, each one took the stage and danced it out in hopes of being the Greek Week champion.

On April 25, eight of the Greek organizations competed in a Disneythemed lip sync battle and stroll competition in the Lyman Center. Of the eight performances, Omega Zeta Pi won the lip sync battle, while Sigma Gamma Rho took the stroll competition.

While the competition helped decide who would be the Greek Week champion, Eric LaCharity, the associate director of student involvement and leadership development, who is also is the coordinator for Greek life, said it is all about bringing people together.

“Greek Week is a competition between our fraternities and sororities; fun in nature, highly competitive, but still always roots back to the comradery of Greek life and building a more cohesive community,” said LaCharity.

While LaCharity said they have done the lip sync and stroll competition for a long time, it is the first time that they have opened it up to the campus community to come and watch the performances.

“Every year we do this, and the judges that we get for this competition are in awe of the amount of effort that goes into the performances, so we’re like, ‘We have to let the campus see these,’ because so much work goes into them,” said LaCharity.

Kathryn Ionta, a graduate intern at office of student involvement, helped judge the event. She said she was in Greek life during college and knows that one of the criticisms of Greek Week is that is it overly competitive, which is why she likes the lip sync and stroll competition.

“I think lip sync is a time where you can throw that all to the side and just have fun on the stage,” said Ionta. “You get to laugh at other organizations and your own organization, and it just feels very chill, whereas other times it feels very hypercompetitive.”

The event was hosted by Arayana Bracken, a sophomore, psychology major, who is also a part of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She said a lot of preparation went into putting the event together and making sure everything runs smoothly.

“Just for tonight, it was a lot. We had to get a lot of the music matched up, there’s a certain time frame that each organization has to perform, so they have to match up that music to that, they had to send them in, and we had to compile the judges,” said Bracken.

Sarah Bender, a junior and communications major as well as the vice president of Greek Life council, helped put the event together along with Bracken. She said her sorority, Omega Zeta Pi, did five or six rehearsals where they choreographed their dance, and decided to mix several Disney songs together.

“We doing a mix, we’re doing some ‘Frozen,’ some ‘Aladdin,’ some from ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ so it’s like a big modge podge of all the Disney themes,” said Bender.

Omega Zeta Pi’s Disney mashup put them in first place, with Delta Phi Epsilon finishing second after putting on a “High School Musical” themed performance. As for  the stroll competition, Kristen Gale, a senior majoring in public health, and a member of Sigma Gamma Rho, said she was happy about the win.

“We worked really hard on it, long nights, but it came together, and I absolutely love how it turned out,” said Gale. “It feels really good, you know. It feels good to know our hard work didn’t go to waste.”

Photo Credit: Jessica Guerrucci

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