Southern fellowship explore God’s word

J’Mari HughesReporter

The InterVarsity Southern Christian Fellowship is “not your ‘average’ Christian club” according to its OwlConnect Page.

The club, which says it believes they are called to share the good news of the love of God with all people, has a small group of women who meet Thursday’s at 7 p.m. in the Adanti Student Center.

“It’s a place for Southern’s women to gather and explore the Bible, get to know God more through the Bible and get to know Jesus more,” said Nina Filippone, a junior, a marketing major. “It’s a place for us to fellowship and become strong people overall.”

Filippone, who leads the women’s Bible study, said it is one of her favorite places on campus. She opened the meeting with a prayer and led a discussion titled, “God as a Kind and Loving Father.”

“Everything we were saying was answering her next question,” said Jonell Bailey, a freshman, an English major, “so the Holy Spirit was working. The Holy Spirit is working every day.” She also said that she enjoys the closeness of being in a small group.

Filippone said she, along with freshmen Monae Perrier, a psychology major, had spent nearly an entire day coming up with Thursday’s lesson. The group read from 1 John 4:7-19, and was asked a series of questions including, “How would you describe God and his characteristics?” and “Why would God want to love us?”

“We were a little concerned that there would be confusion, but the way the questions flowed and how people were answering questions that weren’t even being asked really shocked me,” Perrier said.

Filippone discussed the difference between discipline and punishment and asked members which they think God uses towards people. She also touched upon God’s ten commandments, saying his rules are to protect relationships. When discussing following God’s rules, she asked, “If God will forgive when [you] apologize, are [you] really sorry?”

“I love that we’re able to openly talk about whatever we need to talk about and grow in our love for God together,” said Emily Thomas, a sophomore, English secondary education major, “And just learn about his word and learn about him and do it in a community.”

Thomas said she intends to get closer to God and grow in his word around other students. She said she began attending the bible study last semester and thinks it is good community, even for those who do not yet know God or believe in him.

Perrier, said she views it as place to find a deeper connection with girls she is already friends with. She, as well as many others, attends the larger group meetings on Tuesdays and said women’s Bible study is a secondary place to come and explore more about God and deepen their bonds with one another.

“I enjoy it every time,” said Perrier. “We can all share the same background, and no one’s being judged. It’s is a free and open space to really talk about God.”

Filippone played the song “Kind” by Amanda Cook while members wrote about their relationship with God and what they want to ask him, before ending the meeting with a closing prayer. In learning about Jesus, she said, members are all learning about themselves.

“I would love for more people to know who they are and get to know who Jesus is, because he’s pretty cool and I love him a lot,” Filippone said. “Jesus loves you and he wants to get to know you.”

The women’s bible study is just one of the bible studies in the fellowship.

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