Looking back: Spring of 2000

Compiled from the Southern News archives by Michael Riccio, Managing Editor

As gas prices rose, Gov. John G. Rowland proposed the gas tax be cut by 7 cents per gallon. But students were worried they were already paying too much. “I’m a college student and I can’t always afford to put in over $15 a week just to fill my tank,” Eric Feeney said. “I have more important things that I need to spend my money on.” Feeney said the last time he filled his gas tank, he paid over $1.50 per gallon. “Something needs to be done about it,” Roberta Read said. “Pretty soon people in Connecticut will be paying near $2 per gallon.”

• With the New England Collegiate Conference set to disband in June 2000, Southern announced it will join the Northeast 10 Conference.
• Men’s basketball won 12 consecutive games, setting the program record for longest winning streak.

• Women across campus wore red to bring attention to inequality of women in the workforce.
• Men’s basketball won the NECC regular season title and conference tournament. Senior T.J. Trimboli was named co-NECC Player of the Year.
• With the rise of cyber crimes, Southern announced they will implement a full-time security system by the end of the semester to combat potential computer crimes.
• Women’s basketball player Kelly Carpenter was named NECC Rookie of the Year.
• Students and other protesters marched through New Haven in support of Malik Jones, Aquan Salmon, and Amadou Diallo, African Americans who were shot and killed by police. Jones was shot by East Haven police and Salmon was shot by New Milford police, while Diallo was shot by New York City police.
• Police Chief John Prokop and the university proposed a shuttle service between campus and Union Station or downtown New Haven to help alleviate parking problems.

• Michael Fowlin, a former doctoral candidate at Rutgers University, performed a mini-play that depicted 10 different characters who were victims of discrimination and bias. Craig Carson, a student, said the performance influenced his views and “everyone went home with something powerful.”
• Students marched across campus as part of Southern’s “Take Back the Night,” which raised awareness for sexual assault. Tracy Lake, co-chair of the committee who started the event in 1999, said sexual assault is not talked about enough and thought the event was a good way to bring awareness to campus.

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