New Haven Symphony Orchestra to host concert in Lyman

J’Mari HughesReporter

The New Haven Symphony Orchestra will be hosting a concert entitled “To Thee We Sing” in the Lyman auditorium on Thursday, April 4. The event, which begins at 7:30 p.m., marks the 80th anniversary of Marian Anderson’s performance at the Lincoln Memorial and as sophomore Jessica Maier said, will celebrate the perseverance of the human spirit and ability of music to speak to power.

Before the main event, an Honors 300: Introduction to Service Learning class will host a pre-concert event with a variety of clubs on campus to talk to members about their clubs and civil rights at 5:30 p.m.

“We want this pre-event to be a place for students on campus to see how impactful the topic of this concert is,” said Maier, a special education and elementary education double major, said. “This event will cross boundaries in our community and universities and allow for students to come together to celebrate Black History and civil rights.”

Rossella Graniero, a sophomore and exercise science major, said Southern organizations involved in social justice, such as PRISM, Black Student Union, and History Club will be attending. She said they plan to endorse the concert and gain awareness of the cause from via any students who may pass by.

“We’re trying to promote their concert and trying to get as much awareness and attendance that we can throughout the New Haven community,” Graniero said. “We created this event in order to gain more support for the New Haven Symphony and also gain more attendance because they want to attract a different population to orchestral music.”

In addition to orchestral music, she said there will be speakers, stories, and a hip-hop aspect. She said students should come because it is a different kind of event that has a good message on social justice.

“Our school is very liberal, so I think that speaks well for the university,” she said.

Lupita Barajas, a sophomore, English major, said she wants students to attend because she thinks it will be educational, and that students should come with an open mindset towards orchestral music.

“It is stereotyped as something that’s boring, but it’s gonna be something different,” she said.

“They’re gonna incorporate so many different elements to it so it’s not something that’s typical orchestral music, it’s gonna be much more than that.”

Pizza Heaven and Insomnia Cookies, two businesses in New Haven, will be donating free food for the event, which Barajas said will hopefully attract students.

Maier said students should attend the pre-event as well as the concert because they both celebrate an important event in American history, strive to bring together the community, and unite a wide variety of groups at Southern.

“Students who have never been to an orchestral concert would be choosing an amazing place to start,” she said. “Not only does the concert feature beautiful orchestral music, but there will be speakers and artwork that will make for an impactful night for anyone who attends.”

Students who attend the pre-concert will receive refreshments and a $5 voucher from the orchestra.

“Thank you to all who attend and support this amazing concert,” Maier said. “We believe it has the opportunity to spark an interest in orchestral music for the students on campus and for students to experience an amazing night that celebrates a great moment in history.”

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