McLeod featured in DII All-Star Game

Hunter O. LyleSports Editor

Last Friday, the NCAA Division II men’s basketball All Star game took place at the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. This game featured the top 20 seniors across the country who showed phenomenal prowess and athletic ability all season long. This game also featured one of Southern’s very own Owls: senior guard Isaiah McLeod.

McLeod undoubtedly deserved the honor of playing in this coveted game, in front of a national audience.

During this last season, he averaged 20.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, and one steal a game, not to mention he was in the top tier of the NE10 in scoring, 32nd nationally, and his 3-point percentage was 19th nationally.

Over the course of his four seasons, McLeod claimed two All-NE10 selections, and was a two-time All-ECAC honoree. He also scored over 1,175 points throughout his career, landing him in school history as a top ten spot in All-Time scoring.

Throughout the season, McLeod was a team leader. As captain, he brought energy and life, as well as competitive drive, to the team night in and out. Through that, he lead the team to the longest playoff berth in recent years.

McLeod said, at first, playing with athletes he used to face over his four years at Southern was odd, but was able to see past that and enjoy the day.

“I mean, it was a little weird at first, you know, because I only know them from playing basketball, so you have that mentality that you always want to beat them and that. So, going in there it was a little weird, like I’m always competing against you, now I’m playing with you,” said McLeod. “But everybody was cool, everybody was friendly and happy to be there, so it was easy.”

While he only managed to score eight points during the All-Star game, he said it was very special to even be on the court alongside the best talent in the division. “It’s an honor to be selected for that. I mean, to be recognized as being one of the best 20 seniors in the country for the Division II level, that means a lot,” said McLeod. “It just shows that all the hard work I put in, the countless hours in the gym are being recognized by somebody else from where I’ve never even heard of. It’s honestly a blessing.”

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