Students wear sick kicks and sweet boots

Jacob WaringOpinions & Features Editor

Some sport shoes that are eccentric in style, while others wear kicks that work on a functional level, and some wear boots that strive to keep their owners warm.

Sarah Rival, a senior, exercise science major, was wearing a pair of neon orange New Balance sneakers. The orange hues of the sneakers were akin to bright orange safety vests. She wore the shoes to compliment an article of clothing that she was wearing.

“It went with my shirt. With the bright orange,” said Rival. She estimated that she had over 35 pairs of shoes, with no particular preferences for the brands she wears; since she said she would wear whatever her heart desires.

Denis Cuevas, a freshman engineering major, was sporting shoes that popped with neon camouflage, orange and yellow, the tow and the toe box of the sneaker were camouflage silver.

“Well, they’re Nike KD 6’s, they released I thin,k in 2013, they’re called the Energy Colorway,” he said.

He wore bright sneakers because it was a gloomy day, decided to brighten it up with bright kicks. He said that there are other shoes with different colorways that are rarer than others, essentially making them a sort of collectible.

Cuevas used to prefer Jordans but nowadays he gravitates towards shoe’s that provide more casual comfort. So he can wear on a basis.

Some Southern students try to coordinate their outfits or to a specific article of clothing that compliments their footwear.

“It’s kinda cold outside, my Uggs had fur in it, so it keeps my feet warm,” said Shyra Fisher, a freshmen, biochemistry major. “It went with my jacket, and I think I look fashionable today.”

Fisher was not the only student wearing Uggs, that it is that time of year to wear Uggs. Yet, she was able to pull off matching her brown winter jacket with the fur, identical fabric and style of her Uggs. She also owns a bunch of sneakers, but said she has mainly Jordans in her closet.

Vans, a popular brand of skater shoes, are one of the more popular brands seen worn on Southern’s campus. It is the best style of footwear for skating due to having good grip on the bottom of the shoes, but stylistically they can worn by anyone.

Karina Aviles, sophomore, communication disorders and Spanish major was one student sporting the skater shoes. Her Vans had a black and white checkered pattern. She wore them because they matched her outfit, which had a very neutral style. She also said that they are easy to put on due to the comfort they provide.

“They’re pretty comfortable. They don’t really help with the weather since they’re skating shoes,” she said.

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