Valentine’s Day movies go where the love grows

Haljit BasuljevicReporter

For everyone’s favorite romantic holiday, the lore of watching movies on Valentine’s Day have become a tired and worn-out ritual amongst students on campus.

Except for Celease Jackson, a political science major, who celebrates Valentine’s Day with a gift of heart-shaped chocolates and donuts given to her by her mother. Her favorite movie to watch around this time of year is “Silver Linings Playbook”.

“What I love is the bizarre romantic connection between them [the two protagonists]”, said Celease Jackson.

The film features bipolar disordered Pat Jr. and depressed widow Tiffany Maxwell, played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, respectively, whose serendipity sparks after talking about the different medications they’ve both taken.

She was not alone in keeping up with the tradition. Theater majors Ryleigh Rivas and Kat Duffner chose to express their sentiments after a nice dinner with some “Shrek 2”, a quirky twist in the realm of the usual rom-com.

Several students have said that they planned to forego the idea of watching a movie and instead opt for more venturous routes, such as going to dinner or taking a stroll through the park. To them, having a preferred movie to watch on Valentine’s Day is usually exchanged for whatever Netflix has stored for them that day.

Although with no particular favorite movie in mind, Macayla Hroch, a junior psychology major, on the other hand, said she opts for the best of both worlds by dovetailing from a romantic dinner to a snuggling session at home.

Jessica Samatulski, an elementary education major, offered an interesting perspective. Eschewing the ordinary romantic comedy or drama, she said that one of her favorite ways to connect with a partner is watching horror movies.

For those looking, but ambivalent on choices, there is wide variety of choices that one can catch up on or choose. The classic “When Harry Met Sally” still sparks genuine emotion. For some sensual healing, “Dirty Dancing” sees Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey at their most fluid. “500 Days of Summer” if you want a little bit of a nonlinear challenge.

The idea of settling on a certain standard even if it’s traditional ultimately rests on what couples want. And as always, Valentine’s Day is all about appreciation of the meaning two people may have between one another.

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