Spring time blues

Matt Gad–Sports Writer

In the fall, football tends to be the top sport, and a lot of people get drawn to the stands at Jess Dow Field and root for the Owls. In the wintertime, Moore Field House has a large representation from the Blue Crew, especially during playoff time. But, the spring sports seem to get the short end of the stick.

Even if basketball is struggling, there’s still some support from the campus community, specifically in the way of the student body. Football went 3-7 last year and it still seemed like the stands were at least half packed almost every weekend, but for baseball and softball, you basically get nothing.

If you see who’s out on the hill overlooking Pelz Field or who’s in the stands at The Ballpark, you aren’t going to see too many fans. Yes, parents come, but in terms of student-athletes and the general body it’s few and far between.

Sure, can you blame records? Partially, however, softball has been struggling for the past few years, so if you’re a bit of an outsider to the team it may not really pull you in, and baseball seemed to hover around .500 most of the year with an incomplete bullpen, but even so, people haven’t come out.

If one of the basketball teams has a home NE-10 playoff game you’re gonna get a tremendous amount of respect — the Blue Crew will come up with a plan to increase fan support and people are going to be talking about it in Conn Hall, especially in a victory. It’s just a topic of conversation, and they have a lot of support but the spring’s two naturally strong spectator sports don’t gauge much interest.

Even with baseball and softball in the postseason, I can’t see the Blue Crew showing up. Can I see The Ballpark or Pelz Field rocking with excitement? Not really. Yes, I haven’t been around for any baseball or softball playoffs, but from what I’ve experienced at those venues there’s no live support from the campus community.

There’s just no fun associated with these sports, which is funny because Major League Baseball isn’t unpopular in the country. So why are baseball players and enthusiasts not showing up to The Ballpark or having knowledge of the team’s state? The case is just mind-boggling that only football and basketball seem to get much love by the non-student athletes.

If we were to go up to students on campus, without any prior knowledge of who they are or what they’re into, I think there’s a pretty good shot they may know more about the new academic science building or when an event at Lyman is taking place then the record of one of our athletic teams. Low student attendance, lack of school sports discussed on campus and the fact that the executive administration and The Office of Student Life only seems to know and mention what’s going on in regard to athletics round playoff time, specifically when it’s a deeper game than just from the NE10 Tournament — it’s all there and it’s all a reality.

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