Rent: Live more like Rent: Dress Rehearsal

Jacob WaringFeatures & Opinions Editor

Rent: Live was 525,600 moments that I will never get back. Jonathan Larson, the composer and writer of Rent, would have been disappointed in how Fox represented his magnum opus. It had such potential. It saddens me to know that for some people this was their first time seeing any version of Rent and it had to be the abomination of Rent: Live.

What upsets me the most that it was not bad because of the performers or that the songs were bad. It is the circumstances that led to the awful decisions that derailed the whole endeavor. Rent: Live was not even live. Only the last 15 to 20 minutes, which was also the best part of the entire musical. What viewers saw was just the dress rehearsal.

There is nothing wrong with dress rehearsals beyond the fact it is a rehearsal. The one where the cast did not was being filmed as the finished product to be shown to everyone who tunes in. It looked rough because it was an arbitrary decision that had zero thought incorporated.

Yes, it was outside of everyone’s control that Brennin Hunt who was portraying the character Roger had gotten hurt. Hunt broke his foot during the dress rehearsal, and that unfortunate event could not have been predicted. Yet, there is a reason why understudies are a thing in theater as their role is to step-in whenever the performer they are studying under cannot perform due to circumstances.

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