Grades over fitness

Jessica GuerrucciReporter

Whether it is poor sleeping habits, eating too much, or not working out enough, some students say they do not exactly have the healthiest lifestyle. Most students said that once they got to college it was hard for them to stay active. Emily Casbarro, business management major, said that there just is not enough time for her to fit a work out in her day.

“I believe the comparison from high school to college, there’s just a lot more work and a lot more effort you have to put in to your school work, and I find that because I’m so focused on school, I don’t really have the time to exercise,” said Casbarro.

Along with not exercising, students say they have several other bad habits. Kaylie Marricz, social work major, said she struggles to eat healthy now that she is not living at home anymore and that it is much easier to order UberEats.

“My eating habits get really bad, because now that I live in my own apartment, I do not portion my food or cook myself dinner,” said Marricz. “I find something really easy to put in the toaster or microwave.”

Some find it difficult to eat healthy, especially when they are at school. Tyler Kopec, graphic design major, said that the food choices at Southern are good, but he will usually end up eating a burger or pizza between classes. Kopec said he is trying to change this habit.

“I’m trying to cook more, so if I can take food to school with me, I’m not buying so I also save money,” said Kopec.

For Quinn O’Neill a journalism major, he said that he does not think he is a healthy person, but strives to be. He said he wants to improve his sleeping habits as well as his eating habits.

“No more Taco Bell,” said O’Neill.  “Eating better would be beneficial to my overall health and mental wellbeing.”

Unlike other students, Kashawn Beatty, a graphic design major, said that he believes he is a healthy person. He said it is difficult with school and work to make time to go to the gym, but he tries his best to go when he can.

“I try to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and when I do, it’s not garbage,” said Beatty. “I don’t really drink any garbage either, it’s either water or ginger ale. I don’t really eat fast food like that.”

Beatty said that he will only eat fast food if it is really late and there is not another option, but if he can, he tries to stay away from it.

O’Neill also took a different perspective on what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. Rather than just eating and exercising, he said part of being healthy is being around the right people and keeping away from the toxic ones.

“When I’m around better people and there’s less time for me to really mull over my own thoughts over and over again,” said O’Neill. “I’m a person who has a lot of stress and anxiety so it’s easy to overdo it when I’m constantly thinking and overworking my mind.

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