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Go to Southern’s art exhibit before it is FINITO!

Alexandra ScicchitanoSpecial to the Southern News

Both Tracy Henri and Brian Thomas Morringiello have pieces up in the John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts for the monthly ongoing event FINITO! Art Exhibit.

“I have nine works of art on display in Lyman,” said Henri, a senior in the Art Department with a concentration in printmaking. “Five which are a variety of prints ranging in different sizes, one a very colorful piece of my version of President Joe Bertolino.”

“I have three photos from a series of six,” said Morringiello, a senior photography major.

FINITO! Art Exhibit features artwork from graduating studio art majors.

According to Southern’s Factbook, in Southern’s 2016 Spring semester, there were only 181 majors enrolled in the Art Department but 10,320 individuals enrolled at Southern. All art majors combined were only 2 percent of the college in the 2016 spring semester.

Henri has a very eclectic style to her work, and crosses “over to many different styles.”

“The works that are in the Lyman are different forms of printmaking, minus the ceramic pieces,” Henri said. “There are a variety of practices to use in the production of a print: serigraph (silkscreen), linocut, solar plate, mono-prints, woodcut and more.”

Henri said it can take between a few hours or days to come up with a concept and execute it. She has been producing her prints for approximately three and a half years and she enjoys it a lot.

For Morringiello, it took him about a month to complete the series of six photographs.

“I love staged photography and abstract,” said Morringiello, “Staged because you have total control of the whole shot and everything in said shot has a meaning being there. Abstract because who doesn’t like a little weird every now and again.”

Morringiello’s featured art are staged pictures of two people in a cluttered room doing different things in each picture.

“I wanted to play with different lighting and kind of take a journey that plays with your mind,” said Morringiello about his series of pictures. “Why are they wearing masks? Why are they nude? Why are they doing the things they are doing? And by finding those answers yourself creates a scene that is solely your own. Each viewer creating their own story in a sense.”

Morringiello said he has been doing photography for nine years, but other art styles for six years.

“I plan on going on a trip, a personal one, and see where my art takes me. Let that decide for itself,” Morringiello said about the future.

Morringiello said he prefers the “weirder, more unique sides” of art. He finds it “fascinating, the emotions one can feel viewing something that they can’t quite understand.”

Henri said she will explore printmaking and “enjoy the passion which I have obtained.”

“My art is an extension of who I am. I produce pieces that I enjoy creating, but I also try to go a little further out of my comfort zone,” Henri said, “which the professors that I have in the Art Department encourage. I do what I do because I truly enjoy it.”

Photo Credit: Alexandra Scicchitano

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