Humans of SCSU: Always turn the negatives into positives

Jessica Roginski – Copy Editor

Riley Scheuritzel, freshman journalism major, sat in a quiet alcove of Engleman Hall while students bustled through the halls. Scheuritzel smiled as he explained that he picked his major because he wants to make a lasting impact on the world.

“I feel like journalism will help me voice more in the long run because I want to make a difference in the world,” said Scheuritzel. “I want to voice the people that are unheard, rather than the majority of the people that are always heard that only show a small opinion.”

Scheuritzel said that he is from a very small town in Connecticut and laughed that no one had probably heard of it. He was proud to say that he was the first one from town in his high school to ever come to Southern. Since Scheuritzel came completely alone, it gave him opportunity to start completely new when he left for college.

He took the opportunity of this fresh start to get involved in many different organizations on campus. He got involved in the Freshman Leadership Experience (FLEX) program, the spirit squad Blue Crew, Resident Hall Association, and Hall Council as president of Hickerson Hall.

“It’s a lot of work,” said Scheuritzel, referring to his extensive involvement on campus. “But, I’ve noticed a big growth in my personality from the first day to today.”

Getting involved on campus has helped Scheuritzel feel more confident and make friends on campus. However, he said that he did not always have this confidence throughout his life.

“One of my biggest hardships is the fact that I have Tourette syndrome. I have permanent nerve damage from it and it’s caused me to feel like I have to prove people that I can do things that everyone else is able to do,” said Scheuritzel.

Scheuritzel said that some days are better than others, but living one day at a time helps him stay happy. He has learned to keep an optimistic point of view on his life in order to keep himself smiling throughout his first semester at Southern.

“Whenever a negative comes your way do whatever it takes to turn it into a positive,” said Scheuritzel. “I’ve learned that this year that if something happens, to turn it positive even if it’s the farthest reach you can do.”

Photo Credit: Jessica Roginski – Copy Editor

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