Looking for answers in season six of Walking Dead

Philip Zoppi – General Assignment Reporter

As season six continues to wind down for The Walking Dead, there are many questions that have yet to be answered.

One big question that every Walking Dead fan has on their mind is, will Maggie be able to rescue Glenn in the next episode? No one can know for sure but based off of a poll we conducted through the Southern News Twitter account, 60 percent believe Maggie will not be able to rescue Glenn.

This poll was not a large sample, only gathering five votes in total. This does not necessarily mean that the 60 percent believe Glenn is going to die, though.  Steve Cardinal, a senior at Southern, has a different theory for why and who is going to save Glenn.

“I feel that it won’t be Maggie to rescue Glenn,” said Cardinal. “In the past, when someone disappeared, it always opens the door for a new character to be introduced into the show.”

In the Walking Dead comics, Glenn does in fact die in issue 100, so it is not inconceivable that he officially dies in the next episode. This would upset quite a few fans because Glenn has been around since the start of the show and is considered a staple.

Some fans have already written off Glenn as dead, but that is not smart to do. The way Glenn would die in the show, if he does, is not the same way he died in the comics. So the next episode will be very telling if Glenn is going to live or not. His death would be one of the biggest deaths the series has seen yet.

Glenn’s fate is something every fan is curious about, but that is just one of the many questions that should be answered by the end of season six. Another question that Walking Dead fans and some Southern students are wondering about, even though this question will probably not be answered in the next episode, is will the town of Alexandria survive the rest of season six?

Once again, a Twitter poll was conducted using the Southern News Twitter account and there was more feedback to this question. In total, there were nine votes and five people said the Alexandria would survive while four people said it would not.

A lot of the series has taken place in the town of Alexandria, so just like Glenn dying, this might make fans upset if it were completely removed from the series.

Cardinal has already finished the comics so he based some of his opinion on the town of Alexandria on what he already knows from reading the comics.

“I do believe Alexandria will make it because the whole prison destruction arc has already been played. Plus, I feel that they’ve learned from their mistakes,” said Cardinal.

Cardinal brings up a good point. The destruction of the prison has already happened. For it to happen again would not make much sense, because it only happens once in the comics.

These questions and more will be answered as season six slowly comes to a close for the Walking Dead.

Photo Credit: Miles Tsang


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