Chae Brangman wants to continue a strong performance for men’s soccer

Edgar Ayala – Sports Writer

As the men’s soccer team head into the Northeast-10 Tournament, sophomore Chae Brangman looks to continue adding strong performances for Southern.   

The Owls’ regular season came to an end this past Friday night, losing their season finale game to Southern New Hampshire 3-0.

Brangman finished the season with five goals and an assist. He helped the Owls close the season with an overall record of 9-6-1, and once again clinch a spot in the NE-10 Tournament.  

“I expect to go a lot further than where we are right now because we’re still in contention for both tournaments; NE-10 and NCAA,” Brangman said. “I would like to win the tournament and a trophy for Southern.”

Upon arriving to SCSU, Coach Tom Lang immediately made note of Brangman’s ability to finish the ball. He said his strength, power, and speed was one of the reasons he recruited him to play for the Owls.  

Additionally, Lang said Southern’s entry into tournament play lead teams to start paying more attention to details, despite their opponents scouting reports on Brangman, finding the back of the net won’t be a problem.  

“He has a nose for the goal,” Coach Lang said. “Lately his performances have been better and he’s been more of a factor in games, so hopefully that continues into the tournament.”

As a freshman, Brangman recorded six goals, four assists and tallied up 16 points. For his efforts in his debut season, Brangman managed to pick up NE-10 Rookie of the Year.  

According to Lang, since winning Rookie of the Year, opponents have been marking No. 12 tighter this year. He said their opponents know what Brangman accomplished as a freshman, and therefore become more aware of his presence on the field.  

Yet, despite his accomplishments in his rookie year, Coach Lang said he could still improve moving forward.   

“He’s had his ups and downs this year,” Lang said. “I’d like to seem him be more consistent in his performances. But by the same token, I think he has a very bright future ahead of him.”  

Born and raised in Bermuda, Brangman came to America after attending prep school, Wilbraham and Monson Academy for one year, then finding his way to Southern Connecticut.  

Prior to coming to Southern, Brangman had the chance to move to England and play for soccer club Stoke City F.C., but financial reasons got in the way of playing at Britannia Stadium.  

In addition, Brangman made note of England and Bermuda to have similar interests in sports, soccer and cricket. He also likes referring soccer to what the people of England call football.  

“Mainly everybody in Bermuda has kicked a football before, if not everybody,” said Brangman. “It’s not uncommon to be playing football on a regular basis. Everyone in your community plays, so obviously you’re going to join because it’s natural, normal.”

Despite being the second highest scorer for Southern, Brangman said he is not “completely satisfied” with his performances this season, noting that he’s been in a slump since trying to stay healthy.  

“You’ll see a lot more from me next year,” he said. “Hopefully I succumb this little injury; I’ve been injured for a while. Once I succumb this injury I’ll be back to normal. Next year, if everything is cool and I’m injury-free, I’ll be able to bring a lot more to the table than what I actually did this year.”

Photo Credit: SCSU Athletic Communications


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