Students have opportunity to display art on campus

Philip Zoppi – General Assignment Reporter

Southern’s art students have a vast amount of opportunities to display their artwork around campus this year.

The art department has installed a new feature in Earl Hall that gives students a chance to make a name for themselves.

At the main entrance on the first floor of Earl Hall, there are two big glass cases that are soon going to have student artwork in them. The art department used to have these cases filled with artists from the community but now students will have their work displayed instead.

David Levine, chairperson of the music department, is very excited about this new display.

“This is a really great thing that’s happening for the department,” said Levine when referring to students having their artwork in the glass cases. “We’ve changed directions with what we’re displaying in the glass cases to make it available for students. Students are invited to send in their work for presentation.”

Students will have their artwork displayed in these glass cases for three weeks at a time.

Students are encouraged to send their artwork to Jackie Defrancesco, the secretary in the art department. Defrancesco wants all students to get an equal opportunity to display their work.

“I want to be able to put everyone in,” said Defrancesco. “I lowered the time your artwork will be in the glass case from one month to three weeks so everyone gets a chance.”

Defrancesco is a vital part of this operation as she has all the artwork submitted to her from the students.

On top of students being able to display their artwork in Earl Hall, seniors are soon going to be able to display it in the new Buley Library art gallery.

The gallery is located in the basement of the Buley Library. In the fall, this gallery will be filled with faculty work but in the spring, seniors will have a chance to have their artwork put into this gallery. There will also be shows hosted in this gallery.

Southern has not named a gallery director yet, which would make running this gallery a lot easier. Levine thinks that this gallery can really help the students and the art department.

“A lot of work had to be done by faculty members and administration to carve out this very important space for the gallery,” said Levine. “It’s really going to be a tremendous resource for students and faculty to use.”

One other area that students of all classes can display their work is the second floor of Earl Hall. Levine has been thoroughly impressed with the artwork that is displayed in this area and is always looking for more of it.

If any student wants to get more information on how to have their artwork displayed, the place to go is room 111B in Earl Hall.

* Photo: Student Artist Melanie George’s artwork displayed in Earl Hall

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland – Arts & Entertainment Editor


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