Person on the Street: Student reflects on life move

Dylan Haviland – Arts & Entertainment Editor

Tyler Ellison was sitting on a patch of grass near Morrill Hall, music came from the helmet he left his phone in. Ellis is an interdisciplinary major in biology and public health who just transferred to SCSU.

Where did you come from?

Before this I was at Arcadia University. It’s a liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. I was going for art illustration studying out there.

So what brought you over here now?

Long story, long story, pretty much life shifted in a way where I was given like a choice of get kicked out of my house or move to Connecticut and start my life pretty much over.  So I picked that one because it seemed like a much more gentle approach [and] gentle option.

Now that you are here in Connecticut how is it starting a new life, in a new state?

Beautiful it’s the best experience I could have ever had. I still have the support of my parents so I don’t have to essentially work very hard to obtain like goods like food and a house and stuff. So pretty much my sole responsibility is essentially school and just do what I love and that’s been amazing. I have one of the best transitions I’ve ever gone through in life.

What is one of the things you look for in life, what do you find to be the most important?

The most important thing to myself is always making sure whatever I do is out of integrity, out of true genuineness with who I am as a person.

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland – Arts & Entertainment Editor

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