Survey reveals students approve of Buley library renovations

Katherine G. Krajcik and Andreas Yilma – Special to the Southern News

The Eastern side of the Hilton C. Buley Library has been unoccupied for longer than students would like. The library held a ribbon-cutting celebration to commemorate the completion of the building on Monday, April 20.

This story is part of a six part project for the Reporting and Writing course which included surveys conducted by Journalism students who talked to 100 people divided in two different groups based on the categories news and sports. The surveys were organized in mid April over the course of one week’s time. Each of these questions talked about campus safety, Wi-Fi, the Buley Library renovation, the shuttle service, favorite NFL team and school spirit.

According to this survey, 46 out of 100 students graded the library with an A and 35 out of 100 graded it with a close B.

“I think that the circulation area is more open and welcoming,” said Kim M. Wilk, supervisor for the library services.

Wilk believes more students are now coming and using the library because of its overall quietness.

“We’re noticing now there’s less people talking on their phones because there are more people plugged in,” said Wilk. “So they’re texting instead of using their voices.”

She said students can plug into the tables in the major area. Wilk thinks this is going to keep more students coming.

However, she along with other students believe everyone is not receiving all that they can with the renovation.

“I think it’s very unfair that the university moved offices like human resources and accounts payable into areas that are supposed to be student study areas,” said Wilk.

She argues that offices occupy several study rooms and it is not fair. The supervisor describes how accounts payable is occupying a graduate study room for the time being.

The new part of the library is popular at the moment, however many people may not see style compatibility between the new and old parts of the library because of the two different designs.

“I think the old and the new don’t match but that is not necessarily bad,” said Shirley B. Cavanagh, the head of Access Services in the library. “The new looks more jazzy and the back looks more traditional.”

Cavanagh said there were different architects for the two parts of the building, so she understands.

Overall, Cavanagh believes the renovation was successful and better meets the needs of students.

“It’s important to offer the same services and to increase services in order to make the library a learning environment,” said Cavanagh.

Something that was prevalent on most of the surveys was students’ disappointments with the café not being open yet.

Many students felt they were led on to believe there would be new places to eat this spring and even on the Southern website, which lists all of the new features in the library, states, “The first floor features include a cyber café.”

“I love the renovation, but I wish the café was open like we were promised. I know as a student athlete, we were looking forward to having other food options on campus,” said Marissa Pearson, a member of the women’s soccer team.

Some library faculty members on the other hand, were prepared for the cafe not to be ready yet.

“I did not think it would be open right away. I believe that the president said they are expecting it to be open in the fall, but [it depends] on who’s going to win the bid for the food service,” said Karen Shea, a clerk at the Buley Library for 15 years.


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