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Buley free-read shelf: unknown by some, fueled by passion

Joe Freer – Reporter  Students walk by it, on their way to the Owl Perch, to the printers, the computers or the bathrooms in Buley. For over 10 years, librarians have put out a display of hand picked leisure books for students to check out to encourage free reading.   Jamie Aschenbach, head of access services said she is encouraged by its growing popularity.  

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How students are prepping for finals

Sidney Jones – Special to the Southern News With only two weeks before finals commence, Sandra Gomez-Aceves, a senior journalism major, has only worked on assignment-based finals. “I haven’t started studying for finals yet,” said Gomez-Aceves, “but I have been working on two final projects for about three weeks now.” Because of her major, Gomez-Aceves said the type of finals

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