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The Fashion Truck hits the streets of Boston with the latest trends

Emili LannoCopy Editor 

BOSTON –The Fashion Truck resides in Boston, Mass., where it has scheduled times to arrive at certain events, such as various street stops and local shops. Customers can book a private party with the truck, destinations usually include houses and offices.

This truck was created by Emily Benson whose inspiration for clothing and accessories on wheels came from her love of fashion and travelling.

“I always wanted to start my own boutique, even as a little kid,” said Benson. “I love to drive around and I love fashion so I wanted to see if I can combine them. I was in the fashion industry for seven years and I didn’t want to be on the backend anymore and I wanted to be [in charge more].”

Benson’s hopes that any person stepping in, will be captivated by the bright colors and clothes that await. In the back there are two dressing rooms and clothes are hanging on the sides of the truck. Scattered around the truck are vanity table tops with tons of jewelry and accessories.

Once the Fashion Truck became successful, Benson expanded in September 2013 by opening up a boutique in her hometown, Westford, Mass. Benson said the boutique includes the same kind and style of clothing and accessories as the truck does, with a couple of bonuses including candles, skin care products and homemade décor. However, Benson realized that clothing and accessories is more of what she is known for.

“I really learned no matter where I am over the years fashion works the most for me,” Benson said. “We sell other things but clothing is what they come to me for. People come to me to get a great statement necklace for their outfits or a nice piece of clothing. I know I do that well and I can stick with it.”

Benson’s target customers are women 25-45. She wants to provide a sense of fashion to these women that is “stylish but affordable.”

“I like to describe my style of clothing I sell, and a lot of people describe it as ‘comfy chic,’” Benson said. “Women want clothing that they can feel fashionable in and on top of the trends but still comfortable and affordable. That is also my thing. I want to make everything affordable. I choose the things I sell so they are all under $100.”

Benson said they carry a lot of “cheap” brands including “Yetts” and “Active Basic” and one popular piece sold by them is a wrap around sweatshirt. It’s a basic sweatshirt that adds a little flare and fashion with the wrap around style around the waist.

Having the success of the truck and the boutique has allowed Benson to branch out with her ideas and create more business. She recently started doing kid’s parties at her boutique, where parents can bring their children in, they can eat cake, do crafts, and of course look at clothes.

“What is great about doing these events is the exposure,” Benson said. “Say a mother takes her daughter and the mother’s friend to a kid’s party at my boutique and the friend has never been there. It exposes a lot of people to my business and opens up their eyes to it and makes them interested.”

Benson genuinely loves seeing peoples’ reactions when they see the truck pull up in an event or in their driveway.

“People freak out,” Benson said. “They freak out when they see a truck of clothes opened up. I ultimately want women to feel great in the clothes I provide and love every bit of the experience.”

Photo Credit: The Fashion Truck 

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