Students share ideas on how to make up class work after snow days

Bret DeRose, senior history major said assignments should be turned into online homework. Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland

Special to the Southern News Staff

With winter in full swing in New England, students at Southern Connecticut State University were forced to abandon their classrooms and steer clear of campus until roads were cleared after each snowfall. With four cancellations, one delayed cancellation and two delayed openings, students and professors have limited time to cover course material before the end of the semester.

Monday night classes took the hardest hit with only one class being held so far in the semester.

Students were asked how missed work because of snow days should be handled and students were in agreement that work should be posted online.

Brandon Mclane, exercise science major in his senior year, said “online platforms, such as blackboard. That’s what my professors did.”

Nina Respeto Photo Credit: Jene Thomas

Nina Respeto said professors should post assignments online. 
Photo Credit: Jene Thomas

“Posting stuff online would be easy,” said Nina Respeto. With all of the snow days, she missed two labs. “I haven’t been to lab besides the first one.” Respeto is in her sophomore year studying nursing.

Emily Hodgson, a nursing major, said “Post lectures online so it’s easier to reach.”

Kemonie Pierce said she was “so far behind with all of the learning. Definitely put more work online, not just the missing work, extra as well.”

Here’s what other students had to say:

Mia Herrera, international business, sophomore
“I think we should do it at home online, but do less of it.”

Hanj Pham, sophomore
“The students should keep up with the readings because the syllabus tells you what you’re supposed to do and it’s the students responsibility. Test and quizzes can easily be done online.”

Becka Andraovich, anthropology, sophomore
“Post it online, and give students extra time to finish it.”

Hanj Pham​ and Becka Andraovich Photo Credit: Amy Kulikowski

Hanj Pham​ and Becka Andraovich said work can be done online at home. 
Photo Credit: Amy Kulikowski

Yenny Bayas, communications, sophomore
“They should post the work online, the professor should work around the students schedules, try and meet with them at a different time, maybe add an extra week of class.”

Bob Culmo, history major, sophomore
“I think that all scheduled tests and assignments should remain the same.  The students had a day off of class so they should be encouraged to study at home to make up fro the loss of lectures.”

Brianna Pardes
“I think the best way to make up the work would probably be through assigning assignments on Blackboard.  Trying to schedule classes during the reading days wouldn’t work because of work conflicts.”

Bret DeRose, history major, senior
“I’d say turn it into online homework, I have a class that only meets on Mondays so we are in are our third week and we only met once and that was the first day of class.  She switched it over to online homework for us so we can keep going.”

Contributors to this article: Edgar Ayala, Phil Zoppi, Dylan Haviland, Jene Thomas, Natalie Barletta, Grace Sampson, Allaysia Varnado, Amy Kulikowski, Sandra Gomez, Jossinet Ramos Vera

Article updated: Feb. 13 with lead by Monica Zielinski


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