LA-based band Machineheart lights up the Lyman Center

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter

The Lyman Center at Southern Connecticut State University glimmered in a haze of blue and red lights.  On the stage, the head beams focused on an array of instruments waiting for their artists.

Behind the center stage, the LA based alternative band “Machineheart” was preparing for their fourth show of The Trendsetter Tour, a collaboration in which selected artists tour across universities.

Currently, the tour has taken “Machineheart” along the East Coast in an exciting college tour.  The band jokingly remarked that the weather here took a little getting used to compared to the West Coast, but enjoyed the closeness of all the cities.

“It’s been a totally fun experience, every night is a different thing, you never know who you are going to meet, who you are going to run into: new friends or old friends,” said Trevor Kelly, one of the guitarists for “Machineheart.” “Tonight with this big theater you don’t know what to expect.  Every night has been a new journey.”

Last year, the band released the song “Circles,” a catchy and vibrant summertime tune.  In addition, several months ago “Machineheart” collaborated with Vancouver producer Vanic, creating a remix of “Circles” which has garnered over one million views on Soundcloud.

The original version of  “Circles” includes an exhilarating and technically impressive music video, directed by a close friend of the band, Janssen Powers.   The video featured members of “Machineheart” riding through a bright desert day on an impressive red automobile, along with crisp video editing of the band members.

“We’ve grown up with him [Powers], he’s been one of my best friends since we were babies so we kind of just grew up together.  He’s a close friend of ours, we thought he has a good vision for stuff,” said Harry, a member of the band.

“Our management team got the vision and the song already felt so summery and breezy and fun, tying in what it mean lyrically, it was a team effort,” said the vocalist of “Machineheart” Stevie Scott. “We actually have a few music videos we have already shot for some of the other songs which we are pretty excited to share.  I think that’s almost as fun as writing the music.”

“Machineheart” is greatly connected to their group of friends and their management team with whom they work with constantly.  “Within our crew of friends and with our management team we are able to have the resources to do whatever we want,” said Kelly.

_MG_2801Kelly went on to remark that one of his close friends even helps out with the band’s photography.  The use of photography for the band is also used to stay connected with their fan base and friends on Twitter and Instagram. Members of the band agreed that social media is key for bands today.

“I think it’s nice you can so easily connect with your fans and friends and give them a little sneak into your day, or into the studio or at the shows they can’t be at,” said Scott.

“Machineheart” will continue to tour across the United States visiting universities ranging from the University of South Carolina to Florida Atlantic University.

“Honestly the live show for us is probably the most fun aspect,” said Scott.  “I think that is where we feel most comfortable working together, it requires a lot of trust, but I know with these guys I can always trust them.  If one of us falls the other can pick you up.”

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Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland


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