Students have sights set on Winter Break

Krystal Goethe – Special to the Southern News

With the fall 2014 semester coming to a close, many students and faculty look forward to the winter break. This when students get the chance to work or relax or celebrate the holidays with their families. Some students like Meghan Lacey feel as though the break should be longer.

“It’s not going to be long enough,” said Lacey, a sophomore archeology major.

She also said that she will not be taking a winter class due to being overwhelmed with her current school schedule and the weather would make it a hassle as well. She does have plans that consist of celebrating Christmas with her family in an eventful way.

Lacey said: “We have a tradition on Christmas Eve where we have a big potluck at my cousin’s house. We make a lot of foods which lobster pasta, stuffed bread, shrimp and scallops.”

Other than celebrating the holidays, students and faculty also work over the break. Student Julia Katz said that she definitely will be working.

“I work at the animal hospital in Stamford; I will be doing client letters,” said Katz, a senior liberal studies major.

Lacey said that she will be working over the break as well, at two different jobs. One them is at Etsy where she sells jewelry and hand drawn sketches. Her second job is at Bob’s Clothing in Hamden that she says is rather hectic.

“It’s crazy because people leave the store a mess,” said Lacey. “You will find things from the women’s section way over on the other side of the store in the men’s section.”

New Years Eve is also highly anticipated. Some students are clear as to what they are going to do to ring in the New Year and others are unclear.

“I will celebrate New Year’s I’m just not sure how,” said Katz.

Besides celebrating the holidays, Katz says she will also watch an anime called “Naruto,” play with her two dogs, Mickey and Zack and help out around the house.

Some individuals like psychology professor Kelly Stiver will be traveling for the break. She says that she will be taking an eight hour drive with her husband and 6-month-old daughter to her hometown of Ontario, Canada to see her family. She said that traveling with a young child isn’t easy to do.

“I hope she sleeps,” said Stiver. “It’s very difficult to entertain a baby in the car.”

Stiver says that when driving to Canada she gets checked at the border for her passport. According to, a website about traveling to Canada, a passport or passport equivalent is required in order to visit. This year will be her little one’s first Christmas, but despite that, Stiver says that she won’t be doing anything special in honor of that.

“No, I’m not doing anything,” said Stiver.

As far as the break being long enough goes, she says that it is long enough because when she was in college things were completely different.

“When I was in school we would go back the first week after New Years,” said Stiver. “But the semester also ended in April.”

When it comes to ringing in the New Year, Stiver also says that she does not have an exact plan but she may catch up with friends.

“I’m not sure what I’m doing yet,” said Stiver. “But I might spend time with a few friends.”

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