Owls flock to Moore Field House for pep rally

Bobby Martinez – Sports Writer 

It was a night where all of Southern Connecticut State University’s sport teams and clubs came together in a pep rally introducing themselves, accompanied by music, gift giveaways and dancing.
Owls head football coach Tom Godek, said it’s always a good time when each team comes together, in addition to the fans supporting each team throughout the year as well.

“It’s just great as an alumni,” said Godek. “Seeing all of the student body that came out and all of the other student athletes that are all intertwining together such as the dance team, the step team, cheerleaders, it’s just incredible. It’s a great event for us, our players really appreciate it.”

pep 2The night consisted of loud music echoing off Moore Field House walls as each sport and club team patiently waited for their names to be called. Each team and club headed to the middle of the basketball court, introduced with a certain song they chose, and did a dance in some cases for the hundreds of Southern students.

The crowd bursted into excitement after sophomore offensive lineman Mohammed Bilal, participated in a contest where each participant had to perform a song, but had to remain silent while performing. As each contestant was dancing for their given 10 seconds, Bilal jumped and landed into a split resulting into a burst of laughs and yells, exciting the crowd. Bilal was the clear cut winner of that event.

Times when the Owls football team is in a pivotal stretch in the game, Godek said the fans are the ones who push them to their limits. The fans haven’t lost their school spirit this season even though the Owls have struggled this year.

“They (football team) love it,” he said. “You could hear it at home games. You know it’s the farthest away at Southern Connecticut, probably in the entire league between the bleachers and the stands. But you still can hear the Blue Crew and the other people that are there. It’s an electric atmosphere here at Southern. We’ve been very grateful considering how well they (the fans) have been supporting us despite us not having a winning record.”

As for Owls’ swimming coach, Tim Quill, who has been in the Owls program for 16 years, he said each year he has been head coach, there has been an increase of not only student support, but also community support.

“I think there has been an increase each year,” he said. “but we’re not certainly where we can be. But I think we are definitely getting there. It’s just events like this that really promotes Southern athletics, and I know the student athletes certainly appreciate it, and maybe sometimes that just might be the extra when it comes down to competition.”

pep 10Quill also added in regards to the importance of students supporting each team, “It’s very important for us. We’re representing Southern Connecticut State University to the best of our ability, so we love to have the support from the student body, and we love to see events like this happen. It’s looking like our athletic department is having a real good year this year, so we just hope everyone comes out this year and support the Southern Owls.”
After finishing last season with a record of 30-3 and a trip to the elite eight, Owls’ forward Stefon Williams said the students who supported them last year, really made a huge difference when it came to winning games.

“The crowd we had last year,” said Williams. “Was incredible. They cheered non-stop for us so I feel that motivated us to win each and every game. I’m thankful to have people like our students who support us, it really means a lot.”

Photo Credit: Derek Torrellas

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