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Tinder becomes modern online dating

Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor

Online dating is a phenomenon that has brought together thousands of people who otherwise would have never met together since the mid to late 90’s. Along as you had a computer, you can be exposed to thousands of people that you otherwise have ever met. So, when the smartphone with its thousands of apps the same sort of idea began to apply. That’s when the app Tinder comes in.

Tinder was launched in September 2012, and is used with your Facebook profile picture to match you with tons of prospective matches near where you’re living. According to the Marketing Land website, Tinder has had over 750 million users, and is up to about 10 million matches a day. And those numbers are only growing from here.

So, how do you use Tinder? If you like the person that Tinder presents you with, you swipe right or press the green heart. If you don’t like the person that is presented then you can swipe left, or press the red ‘x’ button. If they match with you, then you can message them and start a conversation with them. It is the equivalent of drive through dating. It’s quick and easy, perfect for the impatient person who just wants to find their match and just leave.

Tinder has many benefits for those who are shy with social interactions. Since you’ve never met anyone who’s on the app, nor do you know whom swiped left or right for you, there’s essentially no pressure or hurt feelings of rejection.

Unlike other online dating sites, Tinder offers you a limit to how far you want to go to meet a potential date. You can choose from anywhere between five and 100 miles away from your current location. This makes it less sketchy than other online dating sites, because the person that you’re messaging is most likely near your own location. Therefore, it leaves less room for what they are saying to not match up with who they actually are. Tinder also is one of the first more gay friendly online dating sites, because you can select your preferences of what you would like.

Tinder however holds a reputation of being a hookup website. According to the Twitter account ‘Tinder Problems’; it is a virtual playground where pickup lines are used to lure in your prey. For example, it would be considered to be normal if someone asked you if they could ‘butter your muffin’.

There are two kinds of people on Tinder. The first is the people who are looking to hook up with someone. The second is to actually meet someone that they can be in a relationship with. Sometimes, you’ll meet people that fall under the first category rather than the latter. As Forrest Gump would say ‘life is like a box of chocolates-you never know what you’re going to get.’ The same philosophy applies to Tinder, because you really don’t know what you’re going to get.

Personally, I would never use an app to meet potential partners. I feel like you need more face to face intimacy in order to create a relationship, and with virtual relationships you have a screen in between you. I personally feel uncomfortable with it also, because the person you’re talking to May or may not be the person that they say that they are.

However, I don’t judge those who use the app for these purposes, because for some people getting out there is the hardest part. But, you should think before you swipe.

If you’re currently looking on Tinder for a mate, just remember a few key things. If they don’t have a lot of mutual friends, a lot of pictures, and have captions that include vulgar things then you should run for the hills. Otherwise, keep calm and Tinder on.

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