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911 call service complications promote use of LiveSafe app

Sofia Rositani — Reporter A mass email was sent to all students on campus after it was discovered that there were issues with the 911 call services. On Oct. 30, Joseph Musante, who handles media relations, stated that the issue was software related, and the only way those on campus would be able to make calls is through their cell

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Paris Attacks shared through Periscope app updates

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter The attacks in Paris will not be forgotten. It was another tragedy which shook the world once again– left many dead– but even more in shock and awaiting the aftermath. During the attacks, while the hectic craze of bombs and shootings were occurring, students at Southern over 3,000 miles away were getting their news through friends

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New application rewards students for not using phones in class

Jess Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  Imagine earning free food, discounts and prizes, simply by paying attention in class and putting down mobile devices. Pocket Points, an app created by Emily Turner, a sophomore at Penn State, makes that dream a reality. Pocket Points rewards students for keeping their phones stowed away during class. Before class starts, the student simply

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