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Knits, Prints and Other Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Vivian Englund Copy Editor 

Everyone’s favorite season is approaching and that could only mean one thing: sweater weather is near. But it is time to put down your pumpkin spiced latte and revamp that wardrobe of yours. Whether your pace is 90’s grunge, J.Crew ready-to-wear or head-to-toe pastels–we’ve got you covered for the top eight fall fashion must-haves for 2014.

The perfect knit
When it comes to knits on the runway this year, the more the better. We’re not just talking sweaters here, designers like Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs donned knit sweaters, dresses and yes, even knit leggings on the runway. Designs inspired by these high fashion looks are going to hit the shops anytime now, so keep your eyes peeled.

Crazy psychedelic prints
Swap out your summer floral patterns for something a little different this autumn. For those who love their neons and geometric prints, this is for you. It seems like psychedelic, more 60’s inspired luminous patterns are making a comeback this fall. Who said you can’t wear brights in the fall, anyway?


Thigh slits
If you’re brave on your evenings out, you have to give this trend a try. You may recognize this from the infamous slit in Angelina Jolie’s gown during the 2012 Oscars. Thankfully, this trend has evolved into something much more wearable. Be prepared to see dresses and asymmetrical skirts bearing slits in stock this season!

Gold rush
We are talking more than just gold jewelry this season. Dress up neutrals with a touch of gold.  There have been appearances of shimmering gold bags and garments laced with subtle gold materials. These pieces are simple but will dimension to any outfit.

Pretty pastels
Whether you are a lover of light pinks or purples, you will be pleased to hear that they are here to stay for autumn 2014. New York Fashion week was flooded with big name designers featuring these soft hues in an array of apparel. Pastels are the perfect way to beat those gloomy fall days. Mix these shades in with your everyday outfits, and you are good to go!

necklaceThe statement necklace
Ah, statement necklaces, they sure have made their mark in 2014.  We’re all aware that some of the finest of these jewels are found at J.Crew. Their new line of necklaces definitely keeps the classic design in mind while incorporating new colors and types of chains. Bulky necklaces not your thing? You will be happy to know that dainty, more delicate necklaces are trendy this fall, too. Don’t worry; you can still make a statement without having to wear cumbersome jewels aforementioned.

Trendy hats
Both panama and bowling hats have been on trend since last fall. Pair your favorite hat with your favorite jeans, kimono, and booties, and you are set to have the most delightful outfit! Beanies are an all time favorite, too. Neff beanies are always amazing quality offering some of the most cozy beanies on the market. Alternative inexpensive beanies can be found at nearly any clothing store nowadays.

Fashion trends come and go, but those set for the remainder of the year look promising. Every new season that is upon us calls for a new must have. We cannot wait to see what new trends may develop this autumn. Nonetheless, happy shopping.

Photo Credit: Jack Fussell 

Vivian Englund


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