Fight off boredom with a ‘Weekend Warriors’ event

Matt Stumpo – Special to the Southern News

Sarah Green, programing coordinator for the Office of Residence Life, said that she has enjoyed being one of the hosts for the Weekend Warriors events because it’s a way for students to come together. “We want people to just hang out and get to know everyone,” said Green

Since September of 2013, Residents Life has hosted the Weekend Warriors event almost every Saturday. The Weekend Warrior event is a program in the Farnham programming space where any student on campus can meet and hang out for the day. These events are aimed for students who stay on campus during the weekend so the students can have some fun since the chance for the students to go home is not available.

There are also theme related events for students to take part in. Free food and drinks are provided by the Office of Residence Life for the students to enjoy during the event. Some of the past themes were video games, old school cartoons, a dance off night, and a movie night just to name a few. For this week, the theme was “Bored” Games Day. There were different type of board and video games out for the students to play. There was also a tennis match for students to watch on the other television.

Erin McGuckin, program coordinator for Office of Residence Life, said that the idea for this week’s theme came about thanks to some of the students that attend the event. “The students really enjoyed playing the board games while they were here, so we decided to have a day for it,” said McGuckin.

Derrick Montanez, undeclared sophomore of Southern Connecticut, said that he liked the idea of having something to bring together the students at Southern. “This is my first time being here,” said Montanez. “It seems like a nice place to just relax and to have some fun.”

    With free food and fun themes for students, the numbers of attendance increased each week last semester. The biggest event that the Weekend Warriors had was a pizza and wings college football night. According to the sign in sheet, this event had over 55 students. Green said that she was really happy with the outcome of students that attend the events over the course of time, and hoped for the numbers to increase by this semester.

However, due to the breaks, days off and weather, the numbers have been at a steady pace. Both McGuckin and Green said they are trying to put the word out more for the Weekend Warriors to have students come and socialize and make new friends. The two coordinators said they are still trying out different events to add diversity to the events.

Green said that she would love to have another club to team up with the Weekend Warriors and create a huge event for everyone on campus. McGuckin said that the coordinators and Assistant Director of Student Life, Eric LaCharity, are planning a huge Capture the Flag Tournament for the students to be an apart of in an upcoming weekend. The two coordinators have enjoyed the experience of hosting these events every Saturday and hope that the Weekend Warrior event is an ongoing event for years to come. “Even if we have 12 people come,” said Green, “we still are doing our jobs.”

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