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Students put on dancing shoes as part of homecoming weekend

Josh FalconeGeneral Assignment Reporter

As part of Southern Connecticut State University’s homecoming weekend celebration, the school held a dance party in the Michael J. Adanti Student Center Ballroom.

This year’s homecoming theme was “Out Of This World” and for those in attendance, that is exactly what the dance party was.

Freshman, Elizabeth Sorenson, said she did not know what to expect from the dance.

“At first I wasn’t so sure on having come,” Sorenson said. “But after walking in and seeing what the dance was all about, I am definitely happy I decided to come.”

The dance party featured Hot 93.7’s DJ Big Mann, who was manning the tables, playing hits, and pumping up the crowd.

DJ Big Mann’s music selection was absolutely perfect according to Megan Short.

“The DJ is amazing,” the freshman Short said. “It has been like one great song after another.”

Short said the dance was a great opportunity for her and her friends to get a break away from worrying about their upcoming midterms and have a little fun dancing with each other in the ballroom.

“It’s nice to get away from the barrage of work and studying for my mid-terms for one night,” she said. “And just hang out with my good friends, dance all night, and act a little goofy.”

In addition to DJ Big Mann spinning tracks, the homecoming dance committee also handed out t-shirts with the homecoming theme plastered on them and glow sticks for students to accessorize their dance attire with.

Kevin Murrow, a freshman, said the t-shirt giveaway was what he liked about the dance.


“I always like to get free swag,” Murrow said laughing. “Plus it’s a cool t-shirt. I’ll definitely wear it around.”

Murrow said he was not really a dancer but did check out the dance floor and found refreshments being offered off to the side.

“I don’t dance,” he said. “But I did head into the dance floor because I saw some people with some punch or something. Again, I like free stuff.”

Murrow said that the dance floor wasn’t too filled up when he went in but that there were a few groups of students and they seemed to be having a good time.

Sophomore Michael O’Connell said that he likes the fact that university has events like the dance party.

“In the time I’ve gone here Southern always has had a lot of great things for students to do,” O’Connell said.

The homecoming dance party is just the latest event that Southern has offered its students that O’Connell has attended, he said.

“I’m not really into going out to downtown New Haven,” O’Connell said, “and the events on campus are a nice and safe alternative to that. It’s great.”

O’Connell added that he has heard from others that events like the dance party are utilized by them.

“In one of my classes,” he said, “a bunch of us were talking about how great Southern is in regards to offering those that can’t or don’t want to go out to a downtown club or bar, stuff to do here on campus.”

O’Connell said that it was fantastic to see a lot of people show up to the dance party.

The homecoming dance party was held last Thursday Oct. 10, as part of the university’s homecoming weekend festivities.

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