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Dexter comes to an end, fans are disappointed

IvyLee Rosario – Editor In Chief

The infamous tale of Dexter Morgan: the “good” serial killer has come to its end. With eight seasons under its belt, “Dexter” aired its series finale. I have been an avid fan of this show ever since the first season. The suspense, plot, character development and overall creative story line is something I could appreciate compared to the constant reality shows and one-line jokes inserted into half the shows that air on television.

The series finale started like always with a recap of the last episode consisting of Dexter continuing his plans to run away to Argentina with Hannah McKay, also a serial killer with whom he fell in love with in the previous season. Also Dexter’s latest enemy, Oliver Saxton, has yet to be caught by Miami Metro and this leaves Dexter in a difficult position because Saxton shot Deb in the previous episode.

In the beginning of the finale, Dexter has to act quickly when Hannah tells him Elway, a private investigator and Deb’s former boss, is staking out the airport. He quickly devises a plan that leads to Elway being obtained by airport security so Hannah and his son Harrison could escape from hiding into the bathroom and they can take off on their flight. Unfortunately this leads to the entire airport being closed, and with a hurricane bearing down on Miami, few options are open to them.

While waiting for the airport to be clear again, Batista calls Dexter to notify him that Deb is in the hospital and he goes there to be by her side. When it seems that Deb is recovering, Dexter decides to send Hannah and Harrison to Jacksonville ahead of time where they could catch a flight, while he stays behind to take care of Saxton.  At this point, I just wanted Dexter to get away with any sanity he had left and attempt to have a happy life with his son, but of course it wouldn’t be Dexter if things didn’t get a little more complicated. A return trip to the hospital leads to Saxon’s arrest but also bad news about Deb. Complications arose and Deb was moved to the Intensive Care Unit because she stopped breathing. Dexter visits Saxton in lock-up and kills him with a pen to the throat. Although the event was caught on tape, both Batista and Quinn claim self-defense for Dexter because they wanted Saxton dead as much as he did, and Saxton lunged at Dexter first.

Although it seems as though his worries are over, Deb doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Before the extremities of the hurricane hit, Dexter takes it upon himself to make one last visit to Deb. This is where the episode got underwhelming for me. Dexter proceeds to tell Deb he loves her while she is in a coma and then unplugs her from the machines keeping her alive. He kills his own sister! I understand that he may feel guilty for what happens but if in that position myself, and there was a slight chance of survival, I would wait a few days at least before pulling the plug. At this moment I found myself shouting at the television screen repeating, “Are you kidding me?!” to myself over and over.


After he unplugs her, he grabs her body and walks her right out of the hospital and onto his boat ironically named “Slice of Life.” He drives out towards the middle of the water and proceeds to call Hannah one more time to say he will be leaving soon and tells Harrison to remember “Daddy loves you everyday until we see each other again.” At this point I knew that alluding to the dramatic phone call would mean that Dexter in fact wasn’t on his way and something big was going to happen; I was right. Dexter throws the phone into the water followed by Deb’s corpse. Then he is seen driving full speed towards the hurricane coming towards Miami. I was furious to know that he saw death as the only option for himself in order to keep his loved ones safe. He could have met up with Hannah and Harrison and lived happily, but realizing that he has, directly or indirectly, been responsible for the death of everyone he’s ever loved, Dexter accepts there is only one option open to him.

In the end they show Hannah with Harrison in Argentina, where she sees a story of Dexter’s death on the news. She realizes herself what he has done and makes the decision to mother Harrison herself, the way Dexter would’ve wanted it. I could have been happy with this ending, but no, they had to continue.

The show cuts to a shot of a lumberyard where a man is seen walking towards a beat up shack. The shot is close enough for the view to see that this “man” is in fact Dexter, and he did not die and is living a new low-key life in the middle of nowhere. I would’ve been happier knowing that his death brought some kind of peace to him, but knowing he was alive makes you think of what happens next?

Does he continue killing? Will he ever let Hannah and Harrison know he’s alive? Will he meet up with them in Argentina years later? Did he really try to kill himself or did he just get lucky and now is starting over? I have so many questions that will never get answered for the rest of my life. Overall, I was happy with the conclusion until it came to the conclusion of the episode. I didn’t like the way it ended and at least it would’ve finished with a bang, but just like the “Gilmore Girls” series finale, I was disappointed.

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