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Apple releases the iPhone 5s and 5c

The new iPhones will come in a variety of colors.

Natalie Barletta – Special to the Southern News


The iPhone has become integrated into our daily lives. It is everything that you could want or need in your pocket. Need to take a picture? The iPhone camera is perfect for your spur of the moment camera needs. Want to listen to music? The iPhone can fit over a thousand songs. It has become more than just a device that you can talk and text on. It has become a part of our daily lives, a personal computer that sits right there in your pocket. Now, is that fateful time of year. The time when the iPhone gets upgraded and a newer and better model than the one that sits in our hands. The question is, how do you make a product that is already great, even better?

On Sept. 10, the iPhone 5s and the 5c were unveiled. Both new phones operate on the new iOS7 software that is expected to be released Sept. 18. It’s updates include a better camera app, and a totally new interface altogether.  The iPhone 5c is a cheaper model that is only a hundred dollars for 16 gb. It’s battery life is much improved than the Apple’s goals with this product was to make the iPhone more affordable to consumers.

On the higher end of the iPhone spectrum, the iPhone 5s was released. It too breaks the black and white tradition of the iPhones, coming in a new gold color. This new model introduces a touch sensor to the device, which is far more secure than the password lock. It also is now the world’s fastest smartphone, which is good for the impatient ones who just want to get their information as fast as they can.

The new iPhones will come in a variety of colors.
The new iPhones will come in a variety of colors.

As an iPhone user, I think that these changes are a good improvement to the phone. The longer battery life is a good feature, because my battery tends to be drained no matter how little or much I use the phone. This way it also lessens the amount of energy used to power and charge these devices are lessened, and who doesn’t want to lessen our footprint on the environment?

The variety of colors is also a good move on Apple’s behalf. Nearly everyone I know has an iPhone. It’s the place that is customized by the type of music and videos that is put onto it, the case that we put on it’s outside, and of course the fact that it’s quickly replacing that digital camera. We have apps onto it, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to connect us to the world. The fact that this device comes in more colors than black and white makes it more our own. The consumer, especially the young consumer, can customize his or her iPhone to their favorite color.

This new line-up of iPhones is the future of Apple. Apple is a company that focuses on one sole thing; making our lives easier and better. Steve Jobs was all about thinking different, starting with the iMac, and continuing with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He saw the future, and left it in capable hands. Apple is all about thinking different, and making life better. With this upcoming generation of iPhones, I can see it doing just that.

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