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Manning vs. Manning: Who will prevail?

Jen HofferSports Editor

Scared yet? You should be. The story at the beginning of the Broncos vs. Giants game was brother vs. brother. Now the story is can anyone stop Peyton Manning.

Peyton already opened up the 2013 NFL season with seven touchdown passes against the defending champion Baltimore Ravens.

The Broncos went on to defeat the Ravens 49-27 while Peyton just put on a historic night for Bronco fans.

His seven touchdowns were the most in his 16-year career and the most in the NFL since the NFL-AFL merger.

Petyton was at his magic again on Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands against his brother Eli and the New York Giants.

This is the third time Petyon has gone on to defeat his brother Eli in head to head matchups.

In Sunday’s game Peyton threw for 307 yards and two touchdowns. Eli threw for 362 yards and a touchdown- oh yeah and four interceptions.

With the fourth interception Eli now holds the NFL record of most career interceptions at 150.


The Giants defense did look better this week though then they did last week against Dallas.

Peyton’s hurry-up offense and running game that Denver has is unstoppable right now.

Brandon Jacobs was welcomed back by Giants fans after leaving and going to the 49er’s last year.

Nothing better than coming back home and rushing for a touchdown to bring your team to within one point in the game.

That’s as close as the Giants would get though as they would fall 41-23.

With the loss the Giants would also fall the 0-2 and the Broncos would stay undefeated at 2-0.

If you’re a Giants fan you’re probably not worried since history repeats itself with this team.

In 2007 the Giants started 0-2 and went on to win the Super Bowl later that year against the Patriots.

With the way the Broncos are playing, that may have not been their last time playing at MetLife this year. We may very well be seeing them in February for the Superbowl.

And hey, if you want to talk even crazier the same team may be right across from that. How about that; brother coaches facing off in last years superbowl and brother quarterbacks facing off in this one.

That’s just a thought, and a far-fetched thought. We’re not even halfway through September there’s so much football to be played.

But with just 16 weeks in a season, every win matters.

Both teams have a lot to look forward to this season. Peyton seems to be hitting it off quite nicely with Wes Welker and Julius Thomas.

Running back Moreno rushed for two touchdowns, running on Sunday like not one of the Giants could stop him.

It was good to see Brandon Jacobs get in the game and get a touchdown for Giants after tackling an injury that left him sidelined most of last season.

David Wilson didn’t fumble tonight, I repeat, didn’t fumble. Must have had something to do with head coach Tom Coughlin teaching him how to hold the ball and protect it when you run with it. Duh.

Both teams have something positive to take away from this game, but one being is Petyon Manning and his Broncos are on an absolute tear.

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