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Can I get class credit for fantasy football?

Peyton Manning

Melanie Sabol – Copy Editor

Here we go folks, week two is under our belts for football; we can see that injuries are starting to add up. This not only puts a damper on the team but also for fantasy leagues.

Fantasy leagues are looked at sometimes as an extra class for college guys. The time, effort, and planning on deciding who to put in your league can get intense.

I know I personally have everything I would need for my fantasy league at my fingertips. If you are part of a fantasy league and you have not done so already, for iPhone users, you need to go to the Appstore and download NFL Mobile and NFL Fantasy. With players’ stats fluctuating frequently from available to injured – you need to be able to change your line up at any moment.

For Brett O’Connell, senior at Southern Connecticut State University, his fantasy league and his regular football team do not go hand in hand. “My favorite team is the San Diego Chargers. I do think that they will do pretty well this season, even though they did have a little slip up in their first game,” said O’Connell. “I am in two fantasy leagues this year and it’s going really well so far. I feel like both teams are stacked pretty well – since I was able to draft a lot of good players.”

Staying in the loop about what is going on with every player on your team can be hard. Yet, Fantasy Football Today helps you out with that. Head over to to read articles, projections, rankings, and news about everything that is going on with not only just players but as well as the entire team. Every week on FFT, they will break down each week with reports, stats, and ranking so there is no confusion as to who to play and who to bench each week.

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning did a great job week one. Week one Manning put up 65.28 points for fantasy league. Lucky enough for me, I have him as my quarterback.

This season, William Wood III, also a senior at Southern Connecticut State University, has hope with the Broncos for the end of the season. “I think that this season it’s going to be the 49ers and the Broncos for this season’s Super Bowl. However, I think that the Broncos will take it all the way,” said Wood.

There are so many ways that this season can go. Mark Sanchez has already experienced life on the injury list this season. Rex Ryan, coach of the New York Jets, as well as Mark Sanchez have not commented on what will be happening with Sanchez’s shoulder. Ryan did go on to say however, “Don’t shovel dirt on Sanchez’s career with the Jets just yet. If we didn’t think it’d be realistic that Mark would get on the field, then he would be put on the IR (injury replacement), and that’s not the case.”

Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez

Sanchez has since been placed on the IR list with intent to return. Over the next couple of weeks, eyes will be on Sanchez and how things with his shoulder plays out. I hope to see him back on the field soon.

I love football. From fantasy to owners box, it’s a sport that can bring almost any group of people together.

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